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White-labeled Dashboard Portal

No web portal or app, no problem

Don’t have a web portal for your customers or partners? Utilize Explo’s out-of-the-box dashboard portal where your users can log in and securely view your dashboards with their own data.

Save Time

If you don’t have a web app or portal, you can use Explo Host to provide a white-labeled portal and improved customer experience.

Real-time Reporting

Within your Host web portal, your end users can pull reports and access dashboards without waiting for IT to export data for them.

Fully White-labeled

Explo Host comes with design flexibility, allowing you to style the portal with your logo, colors, fonts, and you can even customize the domain as well.

Seamless End User Logins

End users can easily login with emails that have been permitted by the customer. The system uses email verification to login, so no password management necessary

Together saved 65K annually with Explo Architect

Together chose to use Explo Architect, an embedded dashboard solution, to empower their customers to fulfill and customize their reporting needs.

Save Engineering Time

Together chose to use Explo Architect, an embedded dashboard solution, to empower their customers to fulfill and customize their reporting needs.

Powering innovative companies:

How it Works

Connect, Create, and Share Data


Connect to your data stack

Integrate Explo Host with your existing databases and warehouses, unifying your customers’ data across all platforms and channels.


Build and display your dashboards

Build custom dashboards with Explo Explore and add them directly into your Explo Host web portal


Customize design of portal and white-label

Create and templatize web portals, add personalized logos, colors, and update the subdomain


Share secured web portal access

With secure user access, invite customers to your web portal and whitelist additional emails that should have login access

Fully White Labeled Cusotmization

Create Customer Web Portals in Minutes

Fully white-labeled and customized

Style the portal to match your company's color, logo, font, and use your existing domain.

Powerful Dashboards

Display Customizable Dashboards, all in One Place

Powerful dashboards

All our existing features are compatible with the user portal. Export data, interact with visualizations, cut and slice the data.

Share dashboards

Save Time & Share Data Faster

Share dashboards without a single line of code

Select which dashboards to integrate into the portal, set up which viewers have access, and you're good to go.

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Create a better customer experience with white-labeled dashboard portals


Curate the data that matters the most and create shareable reports


Generate detailed email reports for data analysis

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