Embedded dashboards your customers will love

Built for SaaS platforms and product teams to fast track your analytics offering with white-labeled Embedded Dashboards.

Interactive dashboards
White-label design
Easy integrations
Flexible components

Interactive Dashboards

Ship a powerful dashboard UI with detailed, interactive visuals, and useful exploration features like filters and drill-downs.

Interactive and editable dashboards for your users
Powerful drilldowns and filtering
Comprehensive chart library from basic bar charts to maps and Sankey Charts

White-label design

Customize every aspect of your visuals to keep your dashboard seamlessly branded.

Custom color palette
Custom fonts and font weights
Custom padding, spacing, and shadows
Much more!

Easy data integrations

Seamlessly integrate with major databases and warehouses with managed settings

Connect with your database credentials
Data is housed entirely in your database - Explo never stores your data
Highspeed connections via FIDO, Explo’s proprietary data orchestration microservice

Flexible components

Configure every component to form-fit your data and brand tightly.

Dynamic chart-data set up
Configurable axis, labels, units, and tooltips
Customize colors, chart structure, and size


Easily embed your application with two lines, using either our pre-built component or an iFrame.

Embed with a few lines of code
Embed via web component or iFrame
Publicly available API documentation and dedicated support channels
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The power of editable dashboard sections

Create a library of charts and tables for you users to create their own dashboards from so they create a dashboard that's most relevant to them.

+ many more chart types

Explore Charts

Need your users to create their own charts from scratch? Check out our report builder product.

Discover Report Builder

Great filters for you and your users

Use Explo’s advanced filters to splice and dice your data in whatever way is insightful.


Filter data for your users, so that charts are focused on page load.

User Filters

Enable your users to filter charts through intuitive controls.


Empower users to cross-filter data across visualizations to really drill into trends.

Easy exports to familiar formats

Empower your users to export their data in formats suitable for meetings and presentations.

Pro version control

Ensure that changes are properly tracked and restorations are always possible with Explo’s feature-rich version control

  • Custom environment tags and publishing

  • User-credited timeline with details on changes and who made them

  • Revert and promote changes

Our Success Stories

See how Explo has transformed our customer’s analytics and impacted their business by saving them both time and money.

How Spekit used Explo to maximize its SaaS platform offering and Customer Experience


Spekit used Explo’s embedded analytics without the time and expense of building their own in-app dashboards

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“With Explo we are able to get the flexibility we need. We are able to get high fidelity and amazing looking dashboards that we can put together really fast at a cost that makes sense for us.”‍

Jodi Mesa, VP of Product

Caju reduces ad hoc reports by 95% with Explo


Caju uses Explo Report Builder facilitating over 52,000 views and 32,000 interactions in the first 30 days.

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“Since implementing Explo in February, Caju has managed to reduce requests for custom reports by over 95%. Prior to Explo, Caju had an average of 115 report requests. In April, Caju received only 5 requests for custom reports.”

“Since implementing Explo in February, Caju has managed to reduce requests for custom reports by over 95%.”

Samuel da Silva

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