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As tools become more complex, and users become more sophisticated, companies need to share and de-mystify data to their users to stay competitive.
However, building dashboards and data visualizations is never a core competency and always distracts from valuable iteration on the actual product.
We’re building Explo so that our customers never have to re-invent the wheel again. We believe that delivering beautiful dashboards should be both quick and easy.
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Meet our team

As former consultants, analysts, developers, and designers, we have experience building and maintaining large data tools.
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Andrew Chen
Co-founder & COO
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Andrew Tack
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Annette Chen
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Brian Bakerman
Customer Success
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Carly Stanisic
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Christian Hall
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Dan Spangenberger
Gary Profile Picture
Gary Lin
Co-founder & CEO
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Ida Chow
Jacob Profile Picture
Jacob Katz
Finance & Ops
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Jordan Greissman
Laura Profile Picture
Laura Koye
Nacho Profile Picture
Nacho Torras
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Richard Lee
Rohan Profile Picture
Rohan Varma
Co-founder & CTO
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Tara Stentz
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We’re grateful to be backed by industry-leading investors and advisors.
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