Free AI Data Generator

Create custom mock datasets effortlessly with our free AI-powered data generator. Simply provide the specifics of your desired dataset, define the rows and columns, and click 'Generate Dataset' to receive your tailored data instantly. You can easily export it to CSV!

About the AI Data Generator

Our generator uses AI to create custom schemas based on your prompts and specifications. Simply enter your requirements, define the number of rows and columns, and our AI will produce a tailored dataset for you. Whether you provide a specific or broad prompt, the AI will comprehend your needs and deliver accurate results.

Best Dashboarding Product: Explo

Explo is the optimal solution for visualizing data from one chart to hundreds or even for custom reporting. With the built-in capabilities of Explo's Report Builder product, you can seamlessly visualize self-serve reporting in minutes. Further, Explo's advanced AI offerings allow for the creation of immersive analytics experiences, making the most out of the datasets generated by our data generator. Explo prides itself on advanced, yet easy-to-use analytics tools. Its simple SQL editor and no-code drag-and-drop interface make it easy to integrate Explo into your native applications within hours. Rather than manually coding a chart, you can use Explo to bring your analytics vision to life, effortlessly visualizing the data you create using our AI-powered data generator.