See how Explo can help you build customer-facing dashboards

Stop wasting time building custom dashboards and pulling data for one-off requests.

Integrate with you existing data stack

Explo Architect integrates with your existing databases and warehouses, unifying your customers’ data across all platforms and channels.


Create dashboard templates and setup guard rails

Build a dashboard template for your end users with custom guard rails - choose what data they can see, templates they have access to, and filters they can add in.


Unlimited design and styling options

Flexibility and control over dashboard design - match your branding and your customer’s


Embed the template into your application or web portal

Using our web component or iframe embed the template into your web app. Don’t have a web portal? Explo Host can help you create one in minutes.

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"Explo solves embedded analytics in a smart way. We've tried other vendors and they are either too much work for engineering or don't easily allow any engineers to create specific queries that our customers want. The combination of the dashboard editor and SQL is perfect for developing quickly and to customer requirements"
Nathan Goldstein
Head of product Together
"Explo has allowed us to funnel valuable dev resources into other business critical initiatives while giving us the peace-of-mind that our customer facing dashboards are taken care of. The Explo team has always been available to lend us a hand getting set up and has been indispensable in making sure their platform serves our nuanced needs."
Yuhan Lin
VP of Engineering Medme Health
"I'm amazed by how quickly we were able to go from raw data to something I'd be more than happy to show a client. Explo solves a very common pain point 10X better than the competition and delivers value almost instantaneously."
Tim Keen
CEO of Loop Club
"Explo enabled us to save months of engineering effort and quickly build a beautiful dashboard. Embedding was simple and Explo makes it easy to silo data between customers and create custom dashboards for specific customers."
Palash Soni
CEO of Glodcast
"Using Explo has been awesome! We’re able to launch new dashboards to customers with ease and not a lot of engineering hours. The turnaround time is great. I’ve had feature requests implemented in minutes :)"
Vedha Sayyaparaju
CTO of Zuddl