Find out about the latest features and improvements to Explo.

June 29, 2022
⛏️ Tooltips for Data Table Columns
Other Features & Improvements:
  • Add validation / number restriction for corresponding text inputs
  • Test connection returns the number of tables
  • Improvements to connect datasource flow
  • Re-enabled email verification for all new users
  • Option to relabel first column header in table and pivot table
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June 15, 2022
🐭 Clickhouse Integration
Other Features & Improvements:
  • Optimizing some endpoints
  • Improve interactions Firefox cookie
  • Create demo videos to explain various product usages
  • Improve analytics data pipelining
  • After connecting a datasource does not direct to sync tables
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June 1, 2022
🪟 Schema Viewer
Other Features & Improvements:
  • Restore x-axis config options
  • Improving how datasets reset on variable changes
  • Adding onboarding page
  • Adding new user questionnaire page
  • Improving cache busting
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May 18, 2022
🔑 API Access Groups
Other Features & Improvements:
  • Click through KPI to URL
  • Update default dashboard view
  • Cleaning up frontend dependencies to improve package size
  • Support email redesigns
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May 4, 2022
✌️ New Components - collapsible list & scatter plot
Other Features & Improvements:
  • Processing dates improvement on charts
  • Dashboards start with a new dataset
  • Sync’ing category colors across charts
  • Bump KPI font weight to bold
  • Ability to revert to a specific version
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April 20, 2022
⬆️ Dashboard Page & Login Page Upgrades
Other Features & Improvements:
  • Enable data table progress bar to be an input from another column
  • Add today and yesterday to preselected date range dropdown
  • Add ability to adjust corner radius for input elements
  • Process date data for color columns
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March 30, 2022
🔧 Row Level Drilldowns
Other Features & Improvements:
  • Allow showing line breaks in tables
  • Improve interaction when text input element has no label
  • Additional login configurations for the end user portal
  • Some performance improvements
  • Downloading assets in an on-prem environment
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