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How Spekit used Explo to maximize its SaaS platform offering and Customer Experience

Customer story highlights

  • Spekit required a better way to share insights with their customers across a multitude of end-user events
  • Spekit used Explo’s embedded analytics without the time and expense of building their own in-app dashboards
  • Explo provided Spekit’s developers with the flexibility and control that competitors could not

The company

Spekit was launched to tackle two of the biggest barriers to growth in today’s SaaS-driven, remote work environment: driving the adoption of constantly evolving technology and empowering increasingly dispersed employees with the knowledge they need to be productive and successful in their roles. 

Spekit surfaces real-time, contextual training, processes and guidance directly within the applications that employees use every day. 

This year, Spekit added five times more users and doubled its employee headcount, making it one of the fastest-growing platforms in its category. Most importantly, Spekit continued to help many of the largest and most disruptive brands solve their adoption and enablement challenges. Some of Spekit’s customers include; Southwest Airlines, Uber Freight, and more.

Jodi Mesa, Vice President of Product, Spekit
“With Explo we are able to get the flexibility we need. We are able to get high fidelity and amazing looking dashboards that we can put together really fast at a cost that makes sense for us.”

The problem

Learning and enablement workflows are highly contextual and touch multiple systems, providing Spekit an incredible opportunity to help customers (i.e., sales or customer service teams) build training specific to their needs. Data is at the core of enablement and Spekit’s product offering. However, they struggled to find a way to scale reporting on end-user events and the rate of behavioral change. Gathering insights for customers on the ROI of Spekit took a lot of time and effort, taking their CS teams away from other, more strategic customer initiatives

“Before we had Explo, providing insights and data to customers was extremely manual and it cost our customer teams several hours per month providing this information to customers.” 

Massive amounts of data were being captured for each customer, but sharing the data was another issue. Jodi Mesa, VP of Product at Spekit, knew they needed a solution that gave their customers the flexibility of accessing their own data without the need for their customer-facing teams to do so manually.

First, Spekit needed to overcome two significant challenges: 

Provide an improved reporting and analytics experience without impacting their product roadmap: The only way to enable the kind of experience Spekit wished to provide their customers was to either build out and support a native solution within their platform or leverage an embedded analytics solution that could integrate directly without looking like a third-party solution. Jodi determined that the cost and time to build and maintain a native solution would detract from their core product innovation.

Accelerate time to market and flexibility: While Spekit wished to provide analytics to maximize customer experience and value, the missing functionality was a top need for Spekit’s customers and prospects. Jodi knew that building it would not be strategically viable as that process would likely take 12-24 months or longer. Jodi had to find a solution they could implement quickly with a small team. She reviewed popular business intelligence solutions, but each came with constraints and gaps required for customer friendly analytics. 

If Spekit wanted to enable dynamic and self-service data reporting, they’d need a modern solution that was quick to implement, customizable to match their brand style, and came with an enterprise-grade security framework.

The solution

Jodi’s background as a product management leader and familiarity with UX and product design led her to investigate embedded analytics platforms. These specialized platforms provide the developer tools and services needed to access, visualize, and share data—without exposing any underlying sensitive information. 

Jodi initially used “a leading data visualization and reporting vendor for internal dashboards.” Unfortunately, upon interacting with the vendor’s platform, Jodi realized her team would struggle with its cumbersome implementation process and lack of design capabilities.

“The vendor we were using previously was much more expensive, and the visualizations were not great,” said Jodi. “It would not have looked like our product, and we would have had to hire someone who was a specialist to get it to look and feel right in our platform.”

A fresh start at customer-facing analytics with Explo.

To start out, Spekit needed to share high-quality data with customers that could be accessed and visualized within their SaaS platform. The steps included:

1. Set up access and integrate data. The data pulled into dashboards needed to come from multiple data sources that Spekit uses. Explo natively supports and connects to various data sources so that dashboards can render real-time information.

2. Create dashboards that look and work like other Spekit product features. With Explo’s customizable, interactive, and easier-to-build dashboards, Spekit could match UI elements to their branding style and standardize dashboard-specific datasets.

3. Embed and deploy. In just a few weeks, the Spekit team worked with Explo’s customer success team to build a proof of concept and complete their implementation. “We were able to ping the Explo team directly on slack as we were getting everything up and running, which helped with getting our initial set of dashboards deployed quickly,” said Jodi. “Working with Explo has felt more like a partnership than some of the other vendors that we were looking at.”

Spekit’s use cases for customer-facing analytics.

Content & Knowledge Management. In speaking with their clients, it became clear that providing analytics to aid their customer’s content strategy could become a critical differentiating value proposition for Spekit. With Explo, they created a “search dashboard” to collect and visualize popular searches for their end-users. This dashboard provides Spekit’s customers with insights to identify user interests, content gaps, and enablement trends. 

Prove ROI to their customers. With Spekit’s integration with Salesforce and other popular sales tech systems, they can collect useful event data. This data can be used to get back to customers more quickly, create better customer relationships, and increase sales. It was important for Spekit to show how the behavioral change they are facilitating can ramp up customer teams faster and prove the effectiveness of their product. Spekit used Explo to build an ROI dashboard to showcase the “proof” via metrics. These metrics range from how many people used a specific enablement asset (thanks to Spekit) or how Spekit decreased average sales and ramp cycles. 


Spekit’s implementation of Explo provided Jodi and her team with the desired level of flexibility and speed they had envisioned, with a number of additional benefits:

Fast, simple implementation: Built and tested Explo implementation in 14 days.

Cost savings: Saved an estimated $100,000 per year in support costs (vs. building an in-house system).

Increased opportunity: Expanded the number of customers they could work with that required analytics as a key feature set.

Customer Service: “Explo has been a great source of inspiration for our own Customer Service experience because it has been phenomenal.”

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