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Caju reduces ad hoc reports by 95% with Explo

The company

Caju is a technology company that offers various services for the human resources (HR) field, employers, and managers. With a versatile platform, Caju provides a comprehensive selection of benefits, including corporate multi-benefits, expense management for your company in one place, unrestricted balance for employee rewards, exclusive discounts with partners, and more, all in one card! Caju's products transform interactions and relationships between people and companies into a new experience. Their clients rely on the data and reports provided to fulfill their obligations to employees. Compliance with legal requirements is of utmost importance, and the ability to prove that benefits have been paid accurately and on time is crucial for their clients.

The challenge

Caju recognized the importance of having reliable data and comprehensive reports to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Samuel Denis Cardoso da Silva, a product operations analyst at Caju, had the primary responsibility of manually managing reports and providing a seamless experience for clients. However, the manual report generation process was time-consuming and prone to errors. To overcome this challenge, Caju sought an automated reporting solution that would eliminate the need for internal development.

The solution

Caju primarily shares payment data, including the amount paid to employees, corresponding dates, and specific benefit categories associated with each payment. While the initial focus was on providing historical data, Caju still aspires to further enhance their reporting capabilities to offer valuable insights for future benefit payment planning.

To achieve this, Caju implemented Explo's Report Builder to simplify both historical and future reports for their clients. By leveraging Explo's low-code development capabilities, Caju was able to easily generate custom reports and eliminate the need for manual ad hoc reports. The Explo Report Builder provided pre-built templates and intuitive tools for creating various types of reports, such as expenses by period and expenses by employee.

In the past 30 days, Caju's dashboards (powered by Explo) have accumulated over 52,000 views and 32,000 interactions.

The impact

The adoption of Explo had a significant impact on Caju. Firstly, the time saved was substantial as a considerable amount of time was spent on manual report generation, but with Explo's automation, that burden was relieved. The team could focus on core development tasks and efficiently serve clients, resulting in increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

Furthermore, data-driven insights provided by Explo empowered Caju's clients to make informed decisions. With accurate and comprehensive reports, Caju's clients were able to ensure legal compliance, verify benefit payments, and effectively manage their resources. This, in turn, had a positive impact on Caju's customer satisfaction and retention outcomes.

Since implementing Explo in February, Caju has managed to reduce requests for custom reports by over 95%. Prior to Explo, Caju had an average of 115 report requests. In April, Caju received only 5 requests for custom reports. This significantly improves Caju's development team productivity, allowing them to focus on core product planning instead of report requests.

"Working with the Explo team has been a very positive experience. As someone relatively new to working with data, the support provided by the Explo team has been invaluable. The team promptly addressed any doubts or questions, and their experienced and courteous approach contributed to a smooth implementation process. The availability of a dedicated support team ensured that Caju could fully leverage the potential of the Explo platform without encountering significant obstacles.
"Caju highly recommends the Explo platform, especially for startups and companies seeking to optimize resource allocation. We were able to focus on revenue-generating product development, knowing that our reporting needs were efficiently met."

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