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Enable customizable self-service analytics for any user

Empower your customers to fulfill & customize their data reporting needs

Explo Architect enables your customers to create and edit reports directly in your platform. Provide an enterprise-grade analytics experience and stop the cycle of endless data requests.

Enable your end users to customize dashboards

End users can customize dashboards on their own to get hyper-tailor reporting for their business needs

Real-time reporting

With instant and secure access, end users can pull reports from Explo Architect without waiting for IT to export for them

Alleviate customer support for reporting inquiries

Explo Architect empowers your customer’s end users, freeing up your customer support teams from making one off changes

Enterprise grade security & compliance

Securely use Explo with any of our stack configurations, in a particular region or on-prem. Explo is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and HIPAA certified.

Together saved 65K annually with Explo Architect

Together chose to use Explo Architect, an embedded dashboard solution, to empower their customers to fulfill and customize their reporting needs.

Save Engineering Time

Together chose to use Explo Architect, an embedded dashboard solution, to empower their customers to fulfill and customize their reporting needs.

Powering innovative companies:

How it Works

How Explo Architect Creates a Better Customer Experience


Integrate with you existing data stack

Explo Architect integrates with your existing databases and warehouses.


Create dashboard templates and setup guard rails

Build a dashboard template for your end users with custom guard rails - choose what data they can see, templates they have access to, and filters they can add in.


Unlimited design and styling options

Flexibility and control over dashboard design - match any branding and style.


Embed into your application or web portal

Using our web component or iFrame embed the template into your web app.

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Extend Self-Service Analytics to your Customer End-Users

Creating a one-size-fits-all dashboard for your entire user base is nearly impossible. With Explo Architect, create dashboard templates and enable the user to determine their own layout, charts, and widget.

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Save Time with Templates

Explo Architect is designed for configurability and customization. Both developers and customer end-users can choose from predefined templates to save time and inspire them to build their own.

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Customize Reporting for Any Use Case

Explo Architect brings pre-configured filters that your customers can easily plug-and-play in their dashboards. Give your customers maximum configurability with minimum complexity.

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