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Reporting for data-driven companies

Stop pulling data for your customers

Save your data teams, customer service reps, and developers time by providing your users with self-serve reports they can pull data directly from.

Spend less time pulling data for your customers

Explo’s intuitive design enables your end users to pull data from Explore, without your team’s help

Real-time reporting

With instant and secure access, end users can pull live, real-time reports

Configurable reporting for any business

Explo’s Report Builder empowers end users to curate the data that matters the most to them and create shareable reports

Data Security

End users can only securely pull data they have access to and granted to them.

Powering innovative companies:

How it Works

How Explo Architect Creates a Better Customer Experience


Connect directly to your data stack

Explo’s Report Builder integrates with your existing databases and warehouses, unifying your customers’ data across all platforms and channels.


Create configurable reports

Build configurable reports in real time with custom guard rails - choose what data they are allowed to build reports from.


Share and Embed Reports

Using our web component or iframe embed the template into your web app. Don’t have a web portal? Explo Host can help you create one in minutes.

Self Service Reporting Graphic

Enable Self-Service Reporting

Let your users configure their own reports

With Explo’s Report Builder your end-users can select what data is important to them, determine their own layout, and create shareable reports for easy viewing.

Web Portals

Keep Your Brand & Styling

Fit seamlessly into your application

All our existing features are compatible with the user portal. Export data, interact iwth visualizations, cut and slice the data.

Share Reports

Share Reports in Any Format

Out of the box export options

Explo’s Report Builder allows your users to export reports to PDF, .csv, or share secure links directly with their team.  

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Curate the data that matters the most and create shareable reports


Generate detailed email reports for data analysis

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