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How UptimeHealth uses Explo to share operational data with healthcare facilities

Customer story highlights

  • UptimeHealth wanted to provide their customers with insights on various healthcare device and equipment metrics 
  • With Explo, UptimeHealth brought a new analytics offering to market
  • Explo replaced the homegrown dashboards with a fully white-labeled embedded analytics solution

The company

UptimeHealth provides healthcare administrators and operators with simple-to-use software to manage compliance tasks, increase operational efficiencies, and tap into a large network of qualified biomed technicians to support their medical devices. UptimeHealth products were developed to support the movement of healthcare to in-home and outpatient settings. Visit for more information.

The problem

UptimeHealth helps its customers stay compliant and  improve operational efficiency with various data insights:

  • Data for devices - age, repair status, costs, and more
  • Data for  work orders - open / close status, workflow visibility, volume, and more
  • Data for productivity - information on open and closed tasks

UptimeHealth required a better way to share this data with executive leadership and frontline management in their SaaS platform, as well as empower their operational teams to help their customers with data reporting. 

Bill Olsen, Co-Founder & CTO, sought to enhance their product offering with real-time data sharing and dashboards for their customers. The right solution would need to: 

  • Migrate the 15+ homegrown dashboard types that were already in production 
  • Support a multi-tenant environment
  • Come with out-of-the-box functionality for white-labeling


The solution

UptimeHealth received a demo of Explo Explore and quickly decided to get started with the solution to activate, visualize, and share data with their customers. UptimeHealth’s operational team was able to use Explo Explore to help :

  • Access data for real-time insights. Explo was able to help collect useful client data to enable real-time device metrics within UptimeHealth’s platform.
  • ‍Customize dashboards for customers. UptimeHealth’s operational team was able to respond to customer data requests or create new dashboards with Explo’s intuitive embedded dashboard builder. 
  • ‍Deploy to production quickly. UptimeHealth is now able to integrate, design, test, and deploy dashboards directly into their SaaS platform without extensive coding.

UptimeHealth’s use cases for customer-facing analytics

Working with the Explo team, UptimeHealth was able to recreate the homegrown dashboards and create new reporting for use cases like:

  • Real-time statistics around work orders for equipment maintenance
  • Visualization of device health and financial data
  • Visualization of recommended operational optimizations



UptimeHealth’s implementation of Explo provided the entire operations team with critical data access, quality, and visualizations with business impact. Additional benefits included:

Enhanced Sales Process: Explo provided the foundation for analytics which UptimeHealth’s sales team showcases first in every customer-facing demo. This has helped their sales cycle and shows the value of the data their SaaS platform is able to collect and share.

Dashboards as a Service: The operations team is responsible for setting up new customers and customizing reporting for specific client needs. Explo gives them the power and the tools to create dashboards upon request or as a service for their end-customers.

Customer Support Experience with Explo: “Our experience with Explo has been very positive. Explo responds very quickly whenever there is an issue, and resolves it in under an hour.” - Bill Olsen, Co-Founder & CTO


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