The Best Way to Share Data with Your Customers

Andrew Chen
January 14, 2021

Our goal at Explo is to enable any company to easily share data with its customers

Sharing data and insights with customers is becoming more and more important, but emailing CSVs and screenshots aren't sustainable or secure. We've created Explo to solve this problem - starting with customer-facing dashboards.

On this page:

  1. How do you share data with your customers?
  2. The best place to start? Customer-facing dashboards
  3. What is Explo?
  4. What to expect from our blog

How do you share data with your customers?

A few months back, we were working on an internal analytics solution, and we consistently received the request to embed or export results from our solution. Users wanted to share their data outside their organization and complained how difficult it was currently to do that, how long it took, and how many stakeholders needed to be involved. So we decided to dig deeper to answer the question: how are companies sharing data with their customers?

Answers ranged from downloading data into CSV files and sending over email, to taking screenshots of internal BI tools and uploading images to online drives. Customer reps submitted tickets and a week later, engineers were pulled in to extract data from databases, or build out additional charts and graphs on their existing applications.

More and more customers are requesting data, insights and analytics around the products and services they use (ourselves included), but the process for sharing this data with customers is becoming more and more tedious, involving multiple teams and slow turnaround times.

With these problems in mind, we set out to build Explo.

The best place to start? Customer-facing dashboards

When most customers request data or analytics, they think of dashboards and reports. In fact, most products or services offer some sort of dashboard or reporting. However, it takes months of dev time to create a beautiful dashboard, and pulling reports for customers by downloading data, copying and pasting into excel templates, and emailing is just not scalable.

Current solutions for these companies are provided by BI tools such as powerBI, Tableau, and Looker, but we realized it took more engineering hours to implement and embed BI tools than to just build out their reporting solutions. Plus, no one wanted to iframe a generic BI tool into their application.

What is Explo?

Explo is the embedded dash-boarding solution for customer-facing applications. We built Explo with the following principles in mind:

  1. Build and share beautiful dashboards and reports for your customers
  2. Implementable in days and not months
  3. Strong security protocols

With Explo, you can now share data directly from your database with your clients in minutes, eliminate the need to manually update and send out reports, and enable them to explore and analyze their data in seamlessly integrated dashboards.

See how we've helped our customers share data here.

What to expect from our blog

As we continue building out Explo and growing our company, we'll be sharing our learnings in the data space, scaling a company, various tips and tricks, and Explo updates here on our blog.

We're excited to share our journey with you, please visit us at Explo or feel free to connect with me directly!

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