Top Examples of Embedded Dashboards

Top Examples of Embedded Dashboards


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Using embedded analytics is increasingly popular.


Because embedded dashboards provide easy-to-read data reports and give customers actionable insights.

Embedded analytics also present you with opportunities — like driving revenue and improving customer retention. And because the industry is growing continuously, embedded dashboards suggest a high-value return on investment (ROI).

Let's look at some examples of embedded dashboards used by several types of businesses.

Why Use Embedded Dashboard Solutions?

Embedded dashboards simplify large datasets into actionable information. They help companies:

  1. Visualize data
  2. Intuitive data presentation helps with navigation and decision making
  3. Customize according to user expectations
  4. Dashboards show the most important and helpful data sets
  5. This helps clients when dealing with high-level reports
  6. Use mobile-friendly solutions
  7. You can easily reach anyone from anywhere and provide them with the most accurate information

Top Embedded Dashboard Use Cases

1. Event Management Company

About the Company

Goldcast is a San Francisco-based company that enables B2B companies and event marketers to host jaw-dropping virtual events.

Goldcast Event Platform | Explo
Goldcast Event Platform | Explo

The Problem

Moving events to virtual platforms generated a wealth of data.

Goldcast's old method of exporting and sharing Excel files with customers was both time-consuming and ineffective.

  • After events, Goldcast would send raw data to clients in Excel sheets
  • Clients would then have to sort through all this data independently — trying to find ways to improve their marketing effectiveness
  • As a result, customers spent too much time building and maintaining their in-house analytics dashboards

This process was not scalable for Goldcast and its clients. Customers didn't enjoy spending all their time analyzing and breaking down data in Excel. It was a major friction point.

The Solution

Goldcast used Explo's customized dashboards, which has allowed them to:

  • Free up dev resources/hours
  • Enable quick iterations
  • Focus efforts on other areas of the events platform
  • Quickly respond to customer feedback with dashboard customization

Explo saves time:

  • Create and embed dashboards within days instead of months
  • Make updates/changes in only a few minutes
Goldcast Events Dashboard | Explo
Goldcast Events Dashboard | Explo

‎The Results

Since deploying Explo, Goldcast's clients have improved marketing efficiency and run more engaging events.

The Goldcast platform shows data and analytics from each event. This information allows clients to:

  • Track and share attendance and registration with their sales teams
  • View a post-event dashboard that summarizes attendee engagement
  • Send follow-up materials to participants based on their interactions during the event

2. Education & Distance Learning Company

About the Company

Gather Learning helps museums and cultural institutions increase engagement with their programs. Its platform also lets business users see their members' usage patterns.

Gather Learning Platform
Gather Learning Platform

The Problem

Remote learning platforms must identify important metrics and effectively communicate progress to students and educators.

Developing a scalable embedded analytics toolchain is challenging, especially when managing massive amounts of data from different sources. The company's extensive data pipeline consists of its application DB (Postgres on Heroku), PostHog DB, and Snowflake.

The admin users analyze and sort data to find ways to improve the program. It limited their ability to make recommendations and create new data visualizations immediately

The Solution

Explo’s platform streamlines requests based on customer feedback, reports, and insights.

  • It collects member engagement data from Gather's applications and databases
  • It then routes the data to customizable embedded dashboards
Gather Learning
Gather Learning's Embedded Analytics Toolchain using Explo

‎The Result

Using Explo's scalable customer-facing analytics dashboards, Gather Learning was able to visualize its mission of bringing people together through learning.

Gather provided clients with accelerated embedded dashboard creation and data sharing. It also saved countless dev hours by utilizing Explo's low-code interface.

Scott Lowe, Gather's Head of Engineering, said, “We were able to plug Snowflake into Explo, which embeds back into our UI. We write SQL queries directly into Explo and use their drag & drop UI to set up dashboards that we embed.”

“I’d definitely recommend this toolchain for anyone looking to speed up the velocity on their dashboard iterations — especially if there is a PM or analyst on your team who knows SQL.”

3. Financial Services Company

About the Company

A large financial services company offers several online intelligence services to publicly-traded companies worldwide.

The Problem

The company already has a product. So, all it wants to do is give its customers a convenient way to work with data. Their end goal is to add intelligent analytics and insights for their customers.

Therefore, the solution must be able to take information from other sources and combine it with their own to create value.

The Solution

The company implemented interactive reporting into its platform. This allowed their customers to combine and analyze data in real-time.

This made data manipulation and interpretation possible — improving the quality of data insights and making it easier to communicate results across the organization.
Other Examples of Explo's Embedded Dashboard Solutions

Tydo's DTC Metrics

Tydo, a company that organizes complex data for DTC brands into rich and intuitive dashboards, uses Explo to create dashboards for their direct-to-consumer clients. The dashboards show difficult-to-calculate but mission-critical metrics clearly and concisely.

Tydo's DTC Metrics Using Explo

CurbFlow’s Sensor Device Diagnostics

CurbFlow uses Explo to create dashboards for their sensor devices. The dashboards ensure that devices operate within expected parameters and send valid data.

CurbFlow's Device Diagnostics Using Explo

MedMe Health’s Appointment Metrics

MedMe Health, a data-driven pharmacy care company, uses Explo dashboards to show stats on the different types of appointments they offer. Viewing appointments by type and status helps pharmacies understand usage, efficiency, and revenue.

MedMe Health
MedMe Health's Appointment Metrics Using Explo

Worksmith’s Client Reporting

Worksmith, a facilities and experience management platform, uses Explo's dashboards to show clients the number of open work orders and their corresponding statuses.

Worksmith's Client Reporting Using Explo


Data helps any B2B SaaS company deliver the best user experience. Customer-facing analytics platforms — like embedded dashboards — simplify data sharing by:

  • Resolving the challenges of integration, visualization, and managing data access
  • Helping customers navigate applications more easily
  • Creating opportunities for revenue growth

Let Explo help you create customized, configurable dashboards that embed directly into your app in minutes. Book a demo today!

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