How Goldcast created effective events dashboards with Explo

About Goldcast

Goldcast is a San Francisco based company that enables B2B companies and event marketers to host jaw-dropping virtual events.

Although there are elements of an in-person experience that can't be replicated, one advantage of virtual events is the amount of data that is able to be captured. Not only are attendee and registration lists tracked, but data on which speakers attendees were watching, how long each attendee spent in each room, and who connected with who.

Here's a look at how Goldcast used Explo to share pre and post-event analytics with their clients to boost marketing effectiveness.

Exporting and sharing excel files with customers wasn't scalable, building and maintaining an in-house analytics dashboard was too time consuming

Massive amounts of data are being captured for each event, but exposing the data was another issue. Previously, after each event, raw data was exported onto excel sheets, and emailed over to clients. Their clients then had to conduct their own analysis and sort through the data to dig up insights improve marketing effectiveness. Not only was this not scalable, but also diminished the experience for their event marketers and admins who left the platform to conduct analysis and break down data in excel.

“Before implementing Explo, we would pull data into excel files after each event and email event organizers the data manually”

With Explo, Goldcast was able to create and embed dashboards in their product within a matter of days as opposed to months. Furthermore, iterating on dashboards based on customer feedback and requests is streamlined as updates and changes can be done in minutes. Goldcast's developers saved countless dev hours by utilizing Explo's drag-and-drop interface to create dashboards so they could focus his efforts on other areas of the events platform.

Explo's flexible design system allowed Goldcast to embed dashboards seamlessly within their application. Color palettes, fonts, and other design elements matched their own application, so users weren't aware they were looking at a third party tool.

“With Explo, we were able to get dashboards up and running in a few days, and iterations can be done in minutes”

Since deploying Explo, event marketers and admins have been able to improve marketing efficiency and run more engaging events. Clients can track and share attendees and registrations with their sales teams, and a post-event dashboard gives them immediate understanding of event engagement and target specific attendees with specific materials based on their individual interactions during the event.

Lastly, the client experience was dramatically improved. Keeping data and analytics inside the Goldcast platform adds immediate value, without the need to conduct seperate analysis, and a seamless user experience.

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