How Goldcast Uses Explo to Create Live Dashboards for their Event Admins

How Goldcast Uses Explo to Create Live Dashboards for their Event Admins


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Explo enabled Goldcast's event admins to better understand event engagement, and leverage data to drive better marketing actions and decisions with live dashboards.

Goldcast is a platform that enables B2B companies and event marketers to host jaw-dropping virtual events. Here's a look at how Goldcast used Explo to share pre and post-event analytics with their clients to boost marketing effectiveness.

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Virtual events track more data than ever before

Drive marketing effectiveness

Saving engineering hours and delivering a seamless solution

Delivering data to empower clients

Virtual events track more data than ever before

Virtual events track more information than ever before

When Goldcast started hosting virtual events, co-founder Palash Soni, set out to build a platform that event marketers could use to put together experiences and provide a set of tools, data and analytics for them to be able to help them drive the marketing pipeline for their company.

Although there are elements of an in-person experience that can't be replicated, one advantage for virtual events is the amount of data that is able to be captured. Not only are attendee and registration lists tracked, but data on which speakers attendees were watching, how long each attendee spend in each room, and who connected with who.

Although all this data being captured, exposing the data was another issue. After each event, raw data was exported onto excel sheets and emailed over to clients. As companies began to adopt virtual events amid the COVID pandemic, Goldcast's event volume kept growing month over month and this process was no longer scalable.

Before implementing Explo, we would pull data into excel files after each event and email event organizers the data manually. Explo not only saves us a tremendous amount of time but also gives our customers live dashboards that can be leveraged even before the event is over.

Drive marketing effectiveness

Goldcast used Explo to build a number of dashboards for their platform including the main "Pre-event" and "Post-event" dashboards.

A Pre-event Dashboard gives event planners the ability to dive into who is attending the event, breaking down the lists by company, title, location, etc. By filtering and interacting with the dashboards, clients are able to better understand their audience very quickly. "Customers are giving access to these dashboards to their salespeople before events and sharing multiple times..." Palash explains.

A Post-event Dashboard provides a wealth of granular detail on individual attendees. This allows marketers to create custom follow-ups and target specific attendees to increase marketing efficiency. High level metrics are shared on charts, graphs, and number panels, while granular details such as poll responses, time spent in each room, speakers that were most engaging, are shared  in exportable and interactive tables. By laying out data and insights in Explo, event marketers immediately have the information they need, without needing to analyze raw data in Excel.

Saving engineering hours and delivering a seamless solution

We weren't able to find any solution that fit our need the way Explo did, enabling us to quickly spin up and iterate on dashboards for our customers.

With Explo, Goldcast was able to create and embed dashboards in their product within a matter of days as opposed to months, and iterating on the dashboards based on customer feedback and requests. "Without needing to invest a ton of time into doing a ton of customer research, we want to just give them what they're asking for, and iterate from there" says Palash.

Goldcast's developers saved countless dev hours by utilizing Explo's drag-and-drop interface to create dashboards so they could focus their efforts on other areas of the events platform. Palash also mentioned, "It's so easy to pick up, our intern is doing it. Other dashboarding products are forever complex, why would we invest so much dev resources into learning a third party platform?"

When deciding to use Explo, Palash also wanted to ensure that their clients had the best experience. "We did not want users to auth into another platform to view dashboards, we wanted to keep the experience within our platform."

Deliver data to empower clients

With a shift to virtual events, came a wealth of new data, and Goldcast is ensuring their clients are able to make the best of the data.

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