Why Embedded Analytics is Essential for Customer Experience (CX)

Why Embedded Analytics is Essential for Customer Experience (CX)


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The top priority for any SaaS platform is to keep its end-users happy and engaged. Regardless of the industry, embedded analytics offers a unique way to maximize the customer experience with an array of capabilities that end-users will enjoy.

Keep reading to find out how.

Why CX is Important for SaaS Companies

The success of your SaaS platform is directly attributed to your customers and how happy they are with your offering. It is, after all, a service delivered in the form of software used by multiple users.

Although the product should speak for itself, that simply won’t cut it for the modern customer journey. Customer satisfaction is what keeps SaaS profitably operating.

It isn’t enough to simply give access and support to your customers during every step of their initial journey. Longer term, user engagement is the key to customer retention. 

Therefore, offering new innovative in-app services will encourage your customers to recognize the value of your SaaS platform, effectively convincing them to use you today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Investments in product engineering and offerings within your SaaS platform create a domino effect of successful milestones, including:

  • An edge over the competition
  • Customer champions - word of mouth
  • Intelligently driven (and noticeably increased) revenue. 

When considering a rather obsessive approach to customer experience, providing a deeper data-driven experience within your SaaS application or web portal can be a key differentiator. Such is what you get when integrating embedded analytics into your platform strategy. 

 CX Challenges

From engineers to project managers, developers, and designers, customer success is a like-minded goal. Not every process is seamless; however, least of all, customer experience enhancement.

The first challenge that comes to mind is obvious: finding out what the customer wants from you. That’s what your SaaS is for anyway, isn’t it? Giving customers a service that encircles what they do and how they do it. How else are you going to deliver if you can’t understand what they expect from a truly personalized experience?

Another challenge comes from prioritizing customer experience goals. Without focusing on user data, how exactly can a company accurately measure the metrics set before them? Furthermore, where will you lean when it becomes difficult to interpret which actions should be taken and when?

Finally, consider the tools and technologies required to get the job done. To keep a company from stressing the company with “best guesses,” the right tools are necessary. Embedded analytics applies the right kinds of technological advantages used to solidify, analyze, and visualize all the customer experience data from one seamless application.

In fact, embedded analytics provide the answer to all these challenges.

 How can Embedded Analytics Improve CX

Embedded analytics provides your customers with the power to discover, engage, and share valuable data insights directly from your SaaS application. In doing so, they are more engaged with your app and happy with the ability to do what they want when they want it.

A more thoroughly crafted customer experience is entirely possible with embedded analytics. As a result, CX can be maximized with these capabilities that only a modern embedded analytics solution can provide:

  • Immediate access to data – Customers are given direct access to data, allowing them to gather insights whenever necessary and actively collect the newest and most accurate data possible.
  • Improved data literacy – Even the least technical customer end-users are still able to read, interpret, and share data from within your app or web portal. 
  • Enhanced customer service – With the most accurate data at your customers’ fingertips, embedded analytics makes it easy for users to create and modify their own dashboards and reports. This in turn, reduces the burden on your customer support teams and allows them to educate users on other important features that your SaaS platform provides. 
  • Improved user collaboration – Your customer is more likely to have groups of end-users interacting with your SaaS platform for different use cases. With embedded analytics, you provide all these unique users with the ability to get what they need and share their findings with all the teams in tandem.

Wrap Up

When there appears to be a shift in customer satisfaction, business practices should follow suit. This is especially the case with SaaS companies. These businesses are precisely aimed at the experience of the customer.

Try seeing what Explo can do for your SaaS company. With an easy trial, you can see how Explo provides visualization tools. Create specific queries that your customers want to see, and securely allow data access to engineers, analysts, developers, and support staff!

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