What to Look for in an Embedded Analytics Solution

What to Look for in an Embedded Analytics Solution


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Providing your clients with a seamless platform wherein they can reliably make data-driven decisions is a massive competitive differentiator. This makes embedded analytics a popular choice for many SaaS platforms.

However, choosing the right embedded analytics solution for your company isn’t as cut and dry as you may have hoped.

There are many facets to evaluate before landing on a solution that will be responsible for delivering real-time analytics within your SaaS application. Remember, not all solutions are built the same, and understanding the differences can save you money and accelerate your time to value.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of criteria that should be thoroughly considered before coming to a conclusive decision.


Buy or Build Embedded Analytics: Which is Better?

To consider all the possibilities of embedded analytics, it’s worth the contemplation of buying or building the solution.

The requirement for fast deployment is usually what drives the consideration of building a solution from scratch. It may be difficult for developers to believe that an outsider can thoroughly coordinate their desired concepts.

Nevertheless, solutions like Explo can provide all the capabilities necessary for versatile integration without the hassle and extra stress on a dev team.

For starters, a development team would need to be pulled from other aspects of your product roadmap. If that is not an option, then a team would need to be hired and trained to work on the sprint.

The time that could be spent on other crucial areas of product development should not be glimpsed over. When product innovation gets stalled for “side quests,” the end result is an unfinished product that doesn’t meet the mark for customer end-users.

Is it really worth it to sacrifice quality and effective customer success for the assumption that building is more cost-effective? The answer is no, especially when buying an embedded analytics solution turns out to be less expensive and more extensive than you originally expected.


Evaluation Criteria for an Embedded Analytics Solution

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into what you need to expect from your purchase. Each solution provides varying strengths that matter to your desired outcome, and you need to know how to navigate through each of these benefits.

Integration Capabilities

The right solution needs to be able to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology tools. After all, that’s exactly how embedded analytics are supposed to work. Without being able to connect to your databases, how can you expect your solution to work for your existing data environment?

It’s worth it to seek a solution that has extract, transform, and load capabilities (ETL), which effectively moves data from one place to another. Data integration should be streamlined and securely controlled.



Speaking of being securely controlled, how is their data security? Embedded technologies should require proper authentication to access sensitive data. This establishes access control when it comes to connecting with your dashboards and other analytical resources.

A security-minded integration service will have functions like single sign-on, which can help companies track access and reinforce rights management.


Time to Setup

A huge factor in many companies trying to leverage their data solutions is their time-to-market. Because of this, it matters how long an embedded tool will take to deliver what it promises.

Find an analytics tool that strives to integrate expeditiously and accurately. The less time it takes for solutions to take hold, the more your teams can focus on the crucial parts of your software unveiling.


Ongoing Support

Purchasing an embedded analytics solution doesn’t signify the end of the road for a long-term partnership. Contrarily, you need to make sure your solution is prepared to give your company ongoing support for the usability of the tools set before you.

Look for a solution that offers customer support, training assets, and excellent developer documentation to continue supporting you throughout your journey. 

Customization for End-Users

How much does the embedded analytics solution directly cater to your user experience? You and your customer end-users should be in the driver’s seat. As such, you should offer an analytics experience that provides custom dashboards and styling features that you would have gotten using your own development team. 

Getting Started with Embedded Analytics

In the spirit of shopping for an embedded analytics solution, consider booking a demo with Explo. Explo provides customers with the highest level of data security, integration tools, white-label dashboard control, dashboard customization, and more. Save yourself time and money, and explore the embedded solution offered by Explo.

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