Four Valuable Embedded Analytics Use Cases for SaaS Companies

Four Valuable Embedded Analytics Use Cases for SaaS Companies


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Embedded analytics is being widely discussed in SaaS company boardrooms, and for a good reason. Where traditional BI software fails, embedded analytics thrives.

More specifically, BI creates a margin of inconvenience by requiring developers and engineers to toggle between various platforms to get their job done. The shift between multiple sources carries extra weight on a business’ workload.

Let’s explore how embedded analytics creates a seamless environment for companies.


What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded analytics consolidates analytical and visual data research into your SaaS application. This effectively creates more convenient data use and sharing - directly from your app.

Embedded analytics allows your customer end-users to work with data within your application or digital workplace. Embedded analytical solutions can clarify massive datasets in simpler terms, which helps businesses create better software applications and user experiences. 

What are the Benefits of Embedded Analytics for SaaS Companies?

When SaaS companies opt for embedded analytics, they are essentially integrating analytical tools directly within their software.

SaaS analytics allows any business-minded engineer or end user to make better data-focused decisions based on the most accurate information possible.

There are many other monumental opportunities available for SaaS companies that inherit embedded analytics solutions. These include:

  • Streamlined workflows – Without the unnecessary side-stepping, work processes are simply performed within a single platform.
  • Optimized performance – A focused platform can enhance user experience, revamp employee engagement, and increase work efficiency and accuracy.
  • Improved data literacy – The ability to read and create data is strongly upgraded in a way in which everyone within the business can easily understand and communicate.
  • More product/service opportunities – By analyzing and visualizing data under the same umbrella as the SaaS, the business needs concerning products and services are clearly defined and understood.
  • Custom insights – With embedded analytics, companies can create dashboards that are personalized to business requirements and tailor the analysis to specific needs.

 Simply put, by inheriting embedded analytics for SaaS, end users can just sign in and immediately begin taking control of data from the platform they utilize on a day-to-day basis.


Use Case Examples of Embedded Analytics in SaaS

1.   CurbFlow

CurbFlow focuses on providing businesses with the ability to quantify and evaluate anything in a camera’s field of view. They power customers like Enterprise, JBG Smith, and Legoland’s parent company, Merlin Entertainments.

By using an embedded analytics service, they can showcase metrics from their diagnostics analysis for their sensor devices to their customers. From here, they are provided with dashboards pairing information from their cameras, customers, and other business parameters.

Embedded Analytics for device reporting
Embedded Analytics for device reporting


2.   MedMe Health

MedMe Health has facilitated patient interactions for many profitable pharmacies, including The Medicine Shoppe and Rexall, to name a couple.

Their SaaS includes embedded analytics that allows them to show their customers an all-encompassing view of their pharmaceutical services. This includes appointments and waitlists by patient, type, date, and more.

Embedded Analytics for Pharmacies
Embedded Analytics for Pharmacies

3.   Worksmith

Of SaaS companies, Worksmith is among the fastest growing in Austin, TX. They connect tenants and property managers of commercial spaces with service providers.

With their SaaS solution using embedded analytics, they allow executives to make strategic decisions about their operational budgets. They are able to see their analytical totals pertaining to the services they hire right alongside their commercial locations, schedules, and invoices.

Embedded Analytics for open customer work orders and requests
Embedded Analytics for open customer work orders and requests

4.   Tydo

As far as BI platforms go, Tydo allows eCommerce brands and other retailers to aggregate their data into simplified reports that offer more actionable outcomes.

Tydo uses embedded analytics to help them create dashboards to answer difficult metric questions for their expansive clients. With this solution, they are able to provide their customers with leveraged data used to hit their individualized growth targets and retention tactics.

Embedded Analytics for direct to consumer clients
Embedded Analytics for direct to consumer clients


The Bottom Line

In the world we live in, data is the life force of business strategy. That said, not every solution is built alike.

Considering the number of embedded analytics solutions, research and scrutiny are strongly advised before a commitment is made.

Consider how advanced the technology is within your business and how much data you currently use and intend to optimize. Think about the scalability this integration can offer you and how it will directly impact the future development of your business and data operations.

For the betterment of your company, book a demo with Explo. In a matter of minutes, Explo can help your SaaS business seamlessly apply personalized, insightful embedded dashboards to your software.

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