Embed customer-facing analytics in your product

Quickly deploy interactive dashboards, enable self-serve reporting, and empower end users with embedded analytics.


Why our customers love Explo

Save quarters of dev time and deploy embedded analytics at a fraction of the cost in just days.
Give your customers the customization, security, and analytics experience they want via dashboards, self-serve reports, and GenAI.
Explo provides a dedicated and responsive support team to ensure a quick implementation and long-term partnership.

How does Explo work

Embed Explo into your platform with just a few simple steps



Connect your databases

Connect your database directly to Explo without the need to replicate data or create new data models. Explo supports all relational databases and warehouses.

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Build beautiful visualizations

Take advantage of Explo’s flexible components to craft an analytics experience that’s right for your customers.

Explore components



Style components to match any app

It’s your application, not ours. Our style configurator gives you the flexibility to style your Explo components to natively fit in your application - from fonts to border styles, shadows, and more.

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Embed the experience anywhere

Utilize the many different ways Explo provides to share data out to customers. Embed dashboards and reports directly in your application, email it directly, send out share links, or even white-labeled portals.

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Give end users the customizability they desire

With Explo, you can enable end users to explore and customize their experience based on guardrails you set


Empower users to modify dashboards to their needs

Dashboards are no longer one size fits all solutions. Generalized templates can be effective, but allowing users to modify dashboards to their specific needs allows them to generate a dashboard tailored for their business.


Allow users to explore data by building ad hoc reports

End users desire to explore data and answer ad hoc questions that dashboards don’t answer. Define datasets in Report Builder and give your users the freedom to explore data and build reports.


Help users answer analytical questions with generative AI

Give end users the power of LLMs and analytics. Let them ask free text questions and get back a chart or graph that best addresses what they are looking for.

Our Success Stories

See how Explo has transformed our customer’s analytics and impacted their business by saving them both time and money.

How Spekit used Explo to maximize its SaaS platform offering and Customer Experience


Spekit used Explo’s embedded analytics without the time and expense of building their own in-app dashboards

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“With Explo we are able to get the flexibility we need. We are able to get high fidelity and amazing looking dashboards that we can put together really fast at a cost that makes sense for us.”‍

Jodi Mesa, VP of Product

Caju reduces ad hoc reports by 95% with Explo


Caju uses Explo Report Builder facilitating over 52,000 views and 32,000 interactions in the first 30 days.

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“Since implementing Explo in February, Caju has managed to reduce requests for custom reports by over 95%. Prior to Explo, Caju had an average of 115 report requests. In April, Caju received only 5 requests for custom reports.”

“Since implementing Explo in February, Caju has managed to reduce requests for custom reports by over 95%.”

Samuel da Silva

Deploy and build with Explo securely

Explo has the right infrastructure to support startups to enterprise organizations

SOC II Type 2 compliant

GDPR compliant

HIPAA certified

On-prem deployments

Region-specific stacks

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Creating dashboards and reports for your customer has never been easier. Find out how Explo can work for your team.

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