Introducing Explo Report Builder—the easiest path to self-service reporting and sharing data with your customers

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Why Report Builder?

Focus on what you do best, and let Explo Report Builder automate the manual, tedious work of pulling data for reports

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Let your end users configure their own reports with Report Builder

Your end users can configure their reports by selecting columns, applying filters, aggregating data, and more with our powerful Report Builder tool.

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Use natural language in Report Builder to generate AI reports

Enable self-service report generation to non-technical users using Explo AI in Report Builder. Save time creating reports and generate meaningful insights with simple text-queries.

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Easily change tables to different data visualizations in our powerful Report Builder interface

End users can take tabular reports in Report Builder and easily use it to back different visualization types.

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Seamlessly set up your report’s permissioning, data, and styles with Report Builder

Pick tables, set filters, segment data, and style them for your end users with the Report Builder interface.

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Allow end users to save reports in Report Builder to be used again later

Help end users stop redoing the same analyses and let them save reports in Report Builder to be used again in the future

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End users can manage one-off or scheduled exports of any report in Report Builder

End users can get CSVs, XLSs, PDFs, of reports immediately or via scheduled exports via Report Builder's powerful scheduling engine.

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Creating dashboards and reports for your customer has never been easier. Find out how Explo can work for your team.