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CommandBar uses Explo to provide product usage metrics to customers

The company

CommandBar is on a mission to make all software fast and easy to use, and is trusted by forward-thinking software companies like ClickUp, HashiCorp, Gusto, Netlify, LaunchDarkly, and many more. CommandBar's software embeds into customer apps and combines search functionality with navigation and common action eliminating in-product friction and making the underlying apps faster, easier to learn, and more efficient. 

Lucas Howard works across the Product, Analytics, and Customer teams at CommandBar, with the goal of helping their customers efficiently manage their workflows and leverage analytics for a more productive customer experience.

For CommandBar, improvements to their analytics offering flow through to the bottom line. A better analytics experience means more engaged users and fewer support requests for data reporting. 

The problem

Initially, CommandBar had built their dashboards and analytics experience in-house. However, Lucas and his team soon realized that the iteration speed was slow, and there was a cost implication in terms of maintaining and developing new dashboards.

Faced with the challenge of increasing iteration speed and reducing maintenance for customer-facing  dashboards, CommandBar started evaluating alternative solutions. The top three critical evaluation criteria included:

  • Time to deploy - time to create a new dashboard or make iterations, and push to production
  • Styling control - the embedded dashboards needed to look native to CommandBar’s product 
  • Breadth and depth - due to a vast customer base with unique requirements, the solution needed to have a multitude of pre-configured dashboards and features for customization

The solution

The CommandBar team met with the Explo team for a demo and were quickly interested in Explo’s Explore product for embedded dashboards and data reporting. After an initial trial, CommandBar opted to use Explo, and was able to implement their first dashboard within 30 minutes

In just two weeks, Lucas’s team built and deployed seven different customer-facing dashboards that provide usage data such as command executions, nudges, and dead ends. The user details dashboard has also been helpful in allowing customers to evaluate how their users are utilizing CommandBar’s product and ultimately how they deliver value.

“Explo's team was amazing to work with; they helped us get set up and running, quickly responded to ad hoc requests, and provided valuable updates.”

The results

Explo Embedded Analytics has enabled CommandBar to provide its customers with high-quality data dashboards that enhance the user experience. The CommandBar team has benefited from faster iteration speed and reduced maintenance, which has resulted in significant time and resource savings. Explo has also enabled CommandBar to add new dashboards easily when there are product updates.

Time to Market: Using Explo, CommandBar was able to launch a new analytics experience for their customers in just two weeks, and has reduced the time it takes to create a dashboard to one hour. 

Enhanced Customer Experience: Commandbar’s customers have positively responded to the dashboards, with many expressing their satisfaction and engagement with them. 

“We would recommend Explo Embedded Analytics to other businesses looking for a buy vs. build decision. While we may lose some styling control, the benefits of decreased engineering time and increased deployment/iteration speed are worth it.”

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