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Channeled Saves Two Months of Engineering Time Using Explo

The company

Channeled is a SaaS platform that helps companies manage their customer success & support channels across multiple platforms, such as email, social media, and chat. One of the core challenges that Channeled faced was providing its customers with accessible and easily extensible information that they could use to make informed decisions. As a growing start-up, Channeled needed a solution that could help us test and speed up their learning, while serving the needs of their customers efficiently. 

The challenge: Providing Accessible and Extensible Customer Support Insights

Channeled’s customers are highly dependent on data to help manage team performance and understand customer trends. To achieve this, customers needed to view data regularly, usually accessing dashboards and reports on a weekly basis. The dashboards needed to share various types of data, including; sentiment, conversation topics, support volume, and team performance (response time, volume of handling, etc.).

The challenge they faced was finding a solution that could give their customers an accessible and easily extensible set of information that they could make decisions from. Effective visual representation of the data was critical. Channeled wanted a solution that could be deployed quickly and include the necessary features for customization to flex to the needs of their customers. Bec Hu, founder and CEO of Channeled, made the decision to assess and invest in an embedded analytics solution rather than diverting development cycles to build a data reporting solution in-house. With this decision, Channeled needed a solution that could handle customer data with a high degree of security, flexibility of capabilities (aesthetics and formats), and at a price point that was cost-effective for their growing business. 

The solution: Embedded Analytics by Explo

After evaluating different solutions on their list, Channeled chose Embedded Analytics by Explo. Explo received higher marks than the competition for Channeled’s most important evaluation considerations; security, performance, handling of data, styling, and price point.

Channeled implemented Explo and built a series of embedded dashboards in just two weeks. They soon built 5 total dashboard types to include; support volume, performance, sentiment visualization via drilldowns, and engagement breakdowns at the account level. 

“Our experience working with the Explo team has been awesome; they were hyper-responsive, personable, and very receptive to feedback. Our customers have been very happy with the dashboards.” - Bec Hu, founder & CEO, Channeled

The Impact: Saving Time and Resources

Using Explo’s embedded analytics suite has saved Channeled an estimated 2 months that they would have otherwise spent developing an in-house solution. This has enabled their team to focus on other aspects of their platform, as well as growth via customer acquisition and retention with a stronger offering powered by data insights.

“Overall, I highly recommend Embedded Analytics by Explo for early and scaling teams. It is an extremely accessible way to help customers without going through the time and financial expense of building an in-house solution. Explo provides us with the necessary security, performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness that we need to extend to our customers, along with valuable data insights.” - Bec Hu, founder & CEO, Channeled

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