Explo Launch Week Recap

Explo Launch Week Recap


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Explo recently hosted an exciting Launch Week, unveiling a range of groundbreaking features and services designed to revolutionize the way organizations utilize data and make informed decisions. Let's take a look back at the highlights from each day of the event.

Day One: Introducing Explo Launch Tier

Explo Launch Tier was the star of the first day, offering organizations the opportunity to access Explo's powerful dashboards for internal use cases, completely free of charge. With Explo Launch Tier, manual data analysis becomes a thing of the past, and faster decision-making becomes the norm. Users can unlock the full potential of their data, creating detailed and advanced dashboards connected to their data. The intuitive drag-and-drop builder simplifies the process of building great dashboards, and with unlimited widgets, charts, and creators, the possibilities are endless.

Learn More: https://www.explo.co/launch-tier

Day Two: Generative AI for Data Visualization

Day two brought us Generative AI for Data Visualization, an innovation that saves time and effort when creating dashboards and reports. By providing a simple prompt, users can generate visualizations by asking questions until they find the perfect visualization they love. These visualizations can then be seamlessly added to dashboards, allowing for easy sharing with others. With Generative AI for Data Visualization, data exploration becomes a breeze, accelerating insights and enhancing data-driven decision-making.

Learn More: https://www.explo.co/products/explo-ai


Day Three: Explo Report Builder

Explo Report Builder took center stage on day three, introducing a powerful self-service reporting feature for customers. This tool streamlines and securely manages self-service reporting for end users, empowering them to configure their own reports with ease. The low-code and secure setup allows for effortless permissioning, data integration, and style customization. Furthermore, reusable reporting templates enable end users to save reports for future use, and data exporting capabilities facilitate one-off or scheduled exports of any report. Explo Report Builder ensures that organizations can focus on what they do best while providing exceptional reporting experiences to their customers.

Learn More:https://www.explo.co/products/report-builder

Day Four: Introducing Explo FIDO

Day four marked the introduction of Explo FIDO, a game-changing microservice designed to optimize database connections and enhance query performance. FIDO, with its sharded, multi-tenant architecture and lightweight clustering, effectively manages database connections to registered datasources, coordinates scaling of connection pools, and responds to analytic and data sharing queries. By efficiently routing requests to the appropriate shard, FIDO significantly reduces query times, providing users with a smoother and more satisfying experience on BI dashboards and analytics reports. Explo is thrilled to onboard new and existing customers onto FIDO, ensuring they can harness the power of data without unnecessary delays.

Learn More: https://www.explo.co/blog/explo-data-connector


Explo Launch Week was a resounding success, showcasing the commitment of Explo to continuously innovate and empower organizations in their data analysis journey. With the introduction of Explo Launch Tier, Generative AI for Data Visualization, Explo Report Builder, and Explo FIDO, Explo is enabling organizations to unlock the true potential of their data, save time, streamline reporting, and enhance user experiences. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Explo as they continue to redefine the field of data analytics.

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