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Embedded Analytics Pricing 101


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Embedded analytics refers to the integration of analytical features and capabilities, along with data visualizations, into another software application. Adding these analytical options to the software someone is already using will allow them to obtain and analyze data within their usual workflow rather than needing to go to another application. It helps to save time and money for the users.

Who uses Embedded Analytics? 

It’s important to understand that there are two types of users.

First, there are the customers (typically developers) who are configuring the dashboards in the embedded analytics platform. These are often companies that are offering software-as-a-service and who want to make it easier for their users to get access to various types of data.

Next is the end user who is using the application or software offered by the customer mentioned above. Today, more and more of these end users expect to have an analytical experience in the SaaS tools they use because it helps to make their work easier.

Embedded Analytics Pricing Methods

Like many other SaaS offerings, most of the options regarding embedded analytics pricing are consumption-based. This means that the price paid will depend on how much someone uses the product - this could be the number of dashboards created or the number of dashboard views. User-based models are sometimes available, but typically only when there is a small user base.

How Does It Work?

Customers of the software will go into the platform, such as app.explo.co, and then build out a dashboard. The dashboard will embed into their SaaS app or web portal and the end user will then consume the dashboards that are embedded into their production web app. 

How Embedded Analytics Companies Price their Offerings

Let’s get a closer look at how embedded analytics companies tend to price. Below, we’ll be looking at customer and end user usage.

Customer Usage

The pricing can be based on the customer’s usage of the embedded analytics software’s app. For instance, these are the levers that consumption can be measured on:

  • Number of internal customer viewers and editors
  • Number of dashboards
  • Number of database connections
  • Access to certain features in the application

End User Usage

When the pricing is based on the end user, a range of factors will be considered. The levers used for end users can be measured on:

  • Number of queries run
  • Number of embedded dashboard views
  • Number of unique users viewing dashboards
  • Number of unique customer logos viewing dashboards
  • Number of embedded dashboards

Get the Pricing Right

Pricing is important. It needs to be aligned with the product’s core value proposition, as well as how it is used. Consider how others are pricing for similar services and try to find a solution that works for your company. Companies don’t want the price too high, of course, as this could end up pushing some users toward a competitor.

How Does Explo Price?

Explo prices by the number of customer logos because we don’t want to limit usage. Instead, we want to grow with our customers. It’s the best option for all of us. The best proxy for customer growth is logo expansion, but we want to unlock that usage within a logo.  Check out our pricing here.

If you are interested in embedded analytics priced fairly for everyone, please take the time to check out Explo. You can get a demo to learn more about the tools used to visualize and share data, embedded analytics, and more.

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