The SaaS Innovator's Playbook:
What Generative AI means for Customer-facing Analytics

10 Pages

This guide explores the transformative influence of Generative AI on Customer-facing Analytics and end-users. We explore real-life examples and provide a comprehensive integration checklist for SaaS product leaders that are interested in using GenAI to facilitate insightful data reporting.

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A guide crafted for founders, product leaders, and engineering teams interested in using Generative AI to share data with their end-users.

Questions answered by this guide include:


What do I need to consider when using GenAI for customer-facing analytics?


What are some high value use cases GenAI can provide to my customer end-users?


What risks or pitfalls should I know about before using GenAI ?


How can I measure the ROI of a GenAI solution?

Companies using principles discussed in this guide:
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What is covered in this guide?

Section One: The Convergence of GenAI and Embedded Analytics
Learn about the transformative influence of GenAI on the SaaS landscape and end-user.

Section 2: Checklist for a SaaS Founder - Overcoming Pitfalls
A comprehensive checklist and approach for integrating GenAI.

Section 3: Bridging the Gap Through Product-Ready Use Cases
Explore real-world examples of how GenAI can facilitate user-friendly, customizable, and analytically insightful data reporting.

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