Explo + Airbyte

Integrations to connect data then visualize on dashboards for your end users.
This partnership enables enterprises to easily bring together data from multiple different systems into a data warehouse, prepare that data for reporting, as well as build customer-facing dashboards that can be viewed by authorized users.

What does Airbyte do?

Airbyte is an open-source data ingestion platform that allows you to build or use prebuilt connectors to sync your source systems with a custom destination such as your data warehouse or data lake. Airbyte also provides a growing list of connectors (SaaS, APIs, databases, etc.) to help you replicate data to Delta Lake / Databricks in just a few minutes.  

Airbyte has been used by 1,000+ companies and plans to support 200+ connectors by the end of 2022.

Using Explo with Airbyte

Our partnership makes it easy for companies to develop proper data hygiene, while effectively sharing data with their customers. With Airbyte you can combine disparate data sources into a single location, and with Explo you'll then be able to create embeddable dashboards to showcase to your customers. Together, you’ll have all of the tools needed for a modern customer-facing analytics stack.

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Key Benefits

There are several key benefits to using Airbyte.

Reliable. Airbyte's team and community updates connectors when source APIs and schemas change, allowing your data team to focus on insights and innovation, instead of ETL.
Extensible. With open source, you can use Airbyte to edit pre-built connectors and build new ones. No more needs for separate systems, Airbyte handles it all, database included.
Integrated. Orchestration and transformation on your own terms, with integration to your data stack: Kubernetes, Airflow, dbt, and more. Set real time alerts via webhook.
Transparent. Airbyte's pricing is based on compute time, easy to understand and, predictable. You can now stay on top and in control of your costs.

Airbyte Key Features

Select the data streams to replicate. Airbyte supports all API streams, and lets you select the ones that you want to replicate specifically.
Opt for normalized schemas or JSON format. Explode all nested API objects into separate tables, or get a serialized JSON. Your choice.
Transform your data via dbt. You can add your own custom transformations using our dbt integration right in the app.

Explo Key Features

Build an embedded customer-facing dashboard in just one day
Customize dashboards with your branding standards
White-labeled dashboard portal for your customers to login and view dashboards