Changelog - Apr 09, 2021

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Container component, support for multiple data sources, and default filters

⏚ī¸ Container Component

New container components allow users to create grouped visualizations and metrics. Show all relevant metrics together in order to organize your dashboard and convey certain insights.

🗓ī¸ Set default relative date ranges

Set default date ranges on your dashboard to show only data from the past day, week, month, 90 days, or more. For other dropdowns and multi-selects, you can now set default values that are automatically selected upon load also.

🔀 Support for multiple data sources

Connect multiple data sources with identical schemas to test across staging and production databases, or support systems where customer data is spread across multiple databases.

Other improvements

  • Improved settings page for user management
  • Improved drag and drop functionality for smoother dashboard creation
  • Further improvements to our SQL editor including autocomplete and setting variables while testing queries


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