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SafeBase chooses Explo for Customer-facing Analytics

The company

SafeBase provides the infrastructure for Trust Communication—allowing companies to easily share their security posture while automating access to sensitive documents. SafeBase’s Trust Center gives prospects and customers completing security reviews "self-serve" access, which speeds up the sales cycle while building trust with customer prospects by allowing complete visibility. SafeBase’s platform provides high-detail visibility and insights into customer identities, access, and authorization. With SafeBase, businesses can transparently share security information and track engagement metrics, all while providing a seamless customer experience.

The challenge

SafeBase recognized the importance of providing their customers with insightful dashboards in their app to ensure a great customer experience and ongoing retention. Adar Arnon, co-founder & CTO at SafeBase, and his team led the initiative. The 3 most important success criteria included; time to market, UX for the customer, and cost.

Adar’s team initially evaluated building a frontend infrastructure for dashboards in-house, but quickly realized the complexities and cost involved in doing so. They found it was not cost-effective and would require significant resources and maintenance.

Next, SafeBase evaluated 3rd party embedded analytics solutions, including Looker and Sisense, but found them to be time-consuming and expensive with poor customer support. 

Adar noted that Looker and Sisense both required a lengthy onboarding process of two months or more, which was not ideal for SafeBase's business needs. Additionally, the cost of implementing these solutions was not feasible for the company, and the support they expected to receive was not up to their standards.

The solution

After evaluating various options, SafeBase decided to leverage Explo's embedded analytics solution. They opted for Explo's main dashboard product, Explore, which took only a couple of weeks to implement. The cost of implementing Explo's solution was significantly lower than building a frontend infrastructure in-house, and the support they received exceeded their expectations.

"Our Explo dashboard is the first thing our users see when they visit the app, providing them with real-time visibility into the recent activity on their portal. It gives our customers a clear understanding of how their customers and prospects are interacting with their portal, providing them with valuable insights that help drive their business forward."

The solution provides SafeBase with the ability to offer their customers an insightful dashboard with ease while focusing their engineering resources on their core value proposition.

The impact

Embedded analytics with Explo proved to be a valuable solution for SafeBase, allowing them to offer their customers an insightful dashboard with ease. The positive impacts on their business include:

Cost Savings: SafeBase estimated they saved 50% of a full-time frontend engineer's salary, which amounted to $75k. 

Time-to-Market: After only one week, SafeBase was able to fully deploy Explo and embed their first dashboard in their platform. 

Customer-Experience: "Our customers are extremely satisfied with the Explo dashboards we have deployed. When we do receive improvement requests, they are easy to implement through Explo. This allows us to quickly iterate and improve our offering, ensuring that our customers receive the best experience possible."

SafeBase highly recommends Explo to others seeking a reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective embedded analytics solution.

"Working with the Explo team has been a great experience for us at SafeBase. They have been highly responsive and helpful throughout the process, making the implementation of their solution seamless and efficient.”

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