Best Free React Admin Dashboard Templates

Rohan Varma
March 9, 2022

6 Free React Admin Dashboard Templates with Pros and Cons of Choosing Them

Free react admin dashboard templates are often a great start when building a new dashboard feature for your application. After all, ReactJS is currently one of the top UI tools to create a dashboard for SaaS and web applications. ReactJS has built-in features that let you create interactive dashboards and display all types of data on various charts and reports. Your react dashboard template will help you determine your dashboard's look, feel, and user experience. You will still need to connect it with your MVC framework for actual data values to show up.

With a plethora of options on Github and other open-source sites, it can be challenging to choose the best react dashboard template for your project. Depending on the react dashboard template you choose, you will get different levels of customizability, features, and integration capabilities. Below are some free react dashboard templates and discuss their pros and cons.

6 Templates to build your react admin dashboard

React Reduction

React Reduction is a free react administration dashboard template crafted with React and Bootstrap 4. It presents users with a sleek and professional interface, a host of features like charts, cards, widgets, and more.

The template is built atop the create-react-app, and every element is vivid and modern, ideal for a variety of applications.

Also included in the package is basic support for Google Analytics. React Reduction is available free of charge through the official channels. On the downside, the template was last updated only three years ago.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Rich host of onboard features
  • Elegant and modern design


  • Last updated three years ago
  • No current developer support

We recommend you try this template if you already have some experience with react

Sofia Free React Template

Sofia is a free react admin dashboard template built using React 17 and Bootstrap 4.6. It includes key options and pages required to start all types of web applications. Sofia utilizes some of the latest best practices like React Router v5, SAAS, and React Hooks. It includes all the essential components like charts, tables, typography, and maps to integrate with Saas software, Project Management Tools, dashboards, CRM, and more. Installation is smooth and exceptionally fast. All it takes are two basic commands via NPM or Yarn. Sofia delivers a fully functioning front-end dashboard with a host of pages and components, including login, calendar, table, error, and more.


  • Latest and best practices
  • Exceptionally fast
  • Very easy to use


  • Less user tested
  • Less than 1000 current users

We recommend using Sofia if you are a dashboard beginner and your app requires fast performance.

Light Blue React template

Light Blue is an open-source react admin dashboard template geared towards building dashboard interfaces for admin panels. The template is built atop the latest React version, along with Webpack and Bootstrap.

It is a starter template that can serve as a cornerstone for crafting financial management apps, CRM, SAAS, and more. It utilizes easily customizable styling features, a discreet design and is fully responsive. In addition, light Blue is geared towards developers and offers an entirely documented codebase.


  • Easily customizable
  • 100% responsive
  • Discreet design


  • It might not appeal to all users
  • It might not match with the rest of your app

We recommend you choose this unique react dashboard template if it matches well with your app design for a stand-out look and feel!

Mosaic Lite

Mosaic Lite is built atop TailwindCSS. This free react admin dashboard template on Github is fully responsive and packs a host of pre-coded charts, all made using the Chart.js 3. It also includes several other components and widgets.

Mosaic Lite operates as a top-notch starting point for developers looking to craft a user interface for admin dashboards, SaaS products, up-to-date web pages, and much more. User-friendliness and modern design stand out as key features. This open-source react admin dashboard template also offers mobile and desktop live demos.


  • Easy to use interface
  • 100% functional charts crafted via Chart.js 3
  • Mobile and desktop live demos
  • High responsiveness


  • No new code releases
  • Limited user base

We recommend mosaic lite if you want to display several charts in your dashboard and are comfortable with coding in React.


ArchitectUI is one of the free react templates loaded with several gorgeous components to give users a head start in web application development. The layout is 100% responsive, offering a host of color schemes for layout components and Bootstrap elements.

The theme is free and offers an onboard ability to adjust the position and style of the layout components in the simplest way possible. All you have to do is add the CSS classes. Examples of effective use include fixed-sidebar, fixed-header, or fixed-footer.

The template is driven by Webpack and Bootsrap 5, utilizing the create-react-app from Facebook Dev. We're looking at a top-of-the-line free react-redux administrator template.


  • 100% responsive
  • Bootstrap 5 powered
  • Variety of color schemes


  • Limited support
  • Limited components in free version‎

We recommend this free react bootstrap admin template if you need customization and flexibility in UI design.


Shards react admin dashboard template is free to use and loaded with various custom components and designs. It is also built on top of Boostrap and implemented utilizing the create-react-app, securing a solid foundation for any admin dashboard you want to make. The template uses the Flux architecture and also supports Material and FontAwesome icon packs. allowing users to craft gorgeous client-side apps.

Shards is sleek and elegant; basic yet modern. It sports a minimal design, never failing to render a fully-optimized template for lightning-fast performance across a host of apps. It is also entirely responsive, meaning it is capable of adapting and reflowing the layout to all screen devices. The looks and features make it perfect for just about any app type.


  • A vast array of onboard components
  • Easy to use for a wide variety of apps
  • Minimal design guarantees super-fast performance.
  •  Icon packs support


  • Limited user base

We recommend Shards for any application that requires flexible react admin dashboard template design.

Why choose a free react admin dashboard template that we recommend?

We have searched Github and several other open-source projects and identified the top react admin templates that anyone can use. We compiled the above list while keeping the following factors in mind


All of these react admin dashboard templates are genuine, 100% free to use add-ons that do not contain any hidden costs.


All of these templates have well-thought designs with well-written code that is easy to understand and use. One of them is sure to complement your application design without compromising on performance.

Fully documented

No one wants to use free react admin dashboard templates that have little documentation and are difficult to understand. All the templates above have documentation aimed at developers.

Do you have to choose a free react admin dashboard template?

While a free react admin dashboard template is useful for a quick prototype or small, internal applications they are just not reliable enough when it comes to scale and performance. You cannot depend on free templates when it comes to critical customer-facing applications. Your development team could get stuck figuring out convoluted template code while deadlines loom and customer complaints start piling up.

While there are a number of options to build out your react admin dashboard, one alternative solution is Explo. We have a plethora of customizable components ready for different industry use cases. Embedding Explo is quicker than building your own react dashboard and easier to maintain. No coding, no stress - visualize and create your interface within minutes - so that you can focus on your core competencies!

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