3 Popular Report Builder Download Methods

3 Popular Report Builder Download Methods


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Report builders are tools that allow users to create singular tabular views of data via a table. The builders allow users to interact with data and save various views they may need later. The views can also be shared or downloaded. Essentially, a report will provide answers to a single question or a set of questions that need to be answered frequently, such as paid time off, attendance, etc.

Often, people want to use these views of data in other tools or forms. The report builder helps to bridge the gap.

File Formats for the Download

Typically, the downloads will be available in several popular formats. These include:

·         CSV

·         XLSX (Excel)

·         PDF

·         Parquet

·         Raw Json

The multiple formats are helpful, as it provides users with more options on how they can view, use, share, and keep the information.

Three Download Methods

Below, are the three most common report builder download methods used today. They include:

·         Direct download

·         Email

·         API endpoint

We’ll take a closer look at each of these to understand how they work and when you may want to use them.

Direct Download

This simply means that you will be getting a file onto your local computer. It is the same as any other sort of download that would be saved to one of your hard drives. Typically, the formats used for direct downloads are CSV or Excel. This is because people who are downloading the file will typically want to use it in the software they have on their computer, such as Excel.

Once the file is downloaded, it can be opened up with that piece of software and viewed. This option for a report builder download is easy to use and understand, as is the next one we’ll discuss.


The second option commonly used for a report builder download is through email. People can schedule emails of the data to be sent via email. They can be sent immediately or on a schedule based on your requirements. Typically, this download will be in the form of a PDF, as they are easy to use and read. However, they can also be emailed as CSV or Excel files for those who prefer.

API Endpoint

Data can be downloaded via an API (application programming interface) endpoint as well.  Users can programmatically call an API and get the corresponding data they are looking for.

In most cases, this will come in the form of raw json or parquet to be used with other platforms or systems. They essentially allow users to access the reports through other tools they are using. This can be helpful for those who want the data presented in those other pieces of software.

Get Started with Report Builders

Report builders are handy for a host of different purposes. They are easy to implement and could help save time for your team. You can allow your customers to get the data they need rather than needing service reps, data teams, or developers to do it for them. The end users can configure their own reports by choosing the data that’s important to them and sorting the reports for easy viewing.

If you want to utilize them for your business, try Explo and see how it works for your needs. With Explo, the out-of-the-box report options include downloads for exporting as images, PDFs, or CSVs. Check out the trial to get a sense of its features and functionality and how it could benefit your business.

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