Explo Ranked “High Performer” across several categories in G2’s 2023 Spring Report

Explo Ranked “High Performer” across several categories in G2’s 2023 Spring Report


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By the numbers:

  • 99% of users rated Explo’s Support Quality 5 stars
  • 97% of users rated Ease of Use 5 stars
  • 97% of users found Explo to meet/exceed all of their requirements
  • 93% of users rated their overall satisfaction with Explo 4 or 5 stars
  • 93% of users said they would likely recommend Explo

In Explo’s G2 profile, customers reviewed Explo based on what they liked best about the solution, functionality, benefits, and problems the product helps them solve. Explo was acknowledged by users as a highly efficient solution due to its fast deployment, rich feature set for data reporting, and customer support, earning badges for High Performer and Users Loves Us. These badges are awarded to organizations with high customer satisfaction scores in their respective categories. 

Over the past two years, Explo’s end users and dashboard usage has grown exponentially. In February 2023, Explo set a new company record for dashboard views (end-customer dashboards) that was 20% higher than the company’s previous record, and set in a shorter month.

 “Over the past three months, Explo has released a handful of large product updates, acquired 10 new 4.5+ star G2 reviews, and grew our end user usage significantly”, said Gary Lin, co-founder of Explo. “Explo continues to invest in our suite of data sharing visualization solutions for our customers.”

Explo provides solutions that come with out-of-the-box functionality for embedded analytics, dashboard visualization, and reporting. With product and engineering teams often overloaded with a nearly insurmountable number of feature requests, Explo provides everything needed to seamlessly integrate, stylize, and share customer-facing analytics in any SaaS platform or web portal.

A COO of a software company commented on Explo’s ease of use in this five star G2 review: “The best part about Explo is how easy it is to set up and make edits. It took us < 30 minutes to create our first dashboard!”

In another G2 review by a co-founder of a SaaS company, this user commented on Explo’s time to value: “Time to value is incredibly low with Explo. It takes hours to create extensive analytics dashboards that customers love, instead of weeks of in-house development. It also takes minutes to later fix or modify the dashboards, and push them to Production right away.”

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