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Virtual Events

Embedded Analytics for any Virtual Event Use Case

One single solution to access, visualize, and share your data.

Explo equips virtual event platforms with interactive dashboards that their customer end-users can use to optimize and manage virtual events of any kind.

The move to virtual event platforms has generated a wealth of data that was impossible to track before. Now, with Explo's embedded analytics you can view key metrics in real-time and maximize the impact of any virtual event.

How can your Virtual Events platform benefit from Embedded Analytics?


Improve Attendee Experience

Explo's real-time dashboards allow you to traack and optimize your attendees' experiences with interaction and engagement data analysis.


Save Time & Reduce Costs

With Explo as the foundation for analytics (dashboards, reporting, etc.), dev teams save countless hours by utilizing Explo's low-code interface to integrate directly into their platform and deliver secure analytics.


Learn More About Your Events

As you track your event journeys Explo dashboards can help you understand what's working and how to adjust activities to increase potential impact.

Explo Capabilities

Access your data, anywhere

Enable customer-facing analytics across your existing data warehouse tools with the flip of a switch. Explo supports all relational databases and warehouses.

Flexible design, custom styles

Our style configurator gives you the flexibility to style your dashboard exactly like your application - from fonts, border styles, shadows, and more.

Getting started is easy

Create custom dashboards and reports for your customer in minutes with no coding. Get started with a 14-day free trial.

Enterprise grade security

Securely use Explo with any of our stack configurations, in a particular region or on-prem. Explo is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant as well as HIPAA and GDPR certified.

Virtual Event Embedded Dashboard Examples

Dashboards for any Virtual Event Platform or Use Case

Explo let's you easily monitor and improve your event's efficiency with a dashboard. Track user engagement with insights such as ticket sales by type, average time spent at booth, and attendee list.

Learn how Goldcast leveraged Explo for events

Explo's Solutions for Virtual Event Platforms

Personalized and real-time customer facing analytics

One single solution to access, visualize, and share your data.

Organizations use Explo's Dashboard platform to activate and share data with their customers. Explo Dashboard integrates directly into your web portal or application and provides your customers with a complete self-service data toolkit.

Learn more about Explo Dashboard

Extend Self-Service Analytics to your End-Users

Creating a one-size-fits-all dashboard for your entire user base is nearly impossible. With Explo Report Builder, create built-in reports and enable your users to do self-serve reporting.

Learn more about Explo Report Builder

White-labeled Dashboard Portal

No web portal or app, no problem

Don't have a web portal for your customers or partners? Utilize Explo's out-of-the-box dashboard portal where your users can log in and securely view your dashboards with their own data.

Learn more about Explo Host

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Creating dashboards and reports for your customer has never been easier. Find out how Explo can work for your team.