Explo AI SQL Explainer Tool

The SQL explanation tool below is able to take in your SQL query and, after pressing 'explain SQL', is able to use the OpenAI API to explain the SQL in plain language, without requiring you to decipher a complex SQL statement. The below results may not be perfect or accurate, but are a good starting point for understanding the contents of the SQL query.

SQL Explain & Explain Analyze vs SQL Explanation

SQL Explain is not the same as a human-readable explanation for a SQL query. SQL Explain or Explain Analyze are tools for engineers to see what is taking the longest in a query run by viewing the underlying query execution plan. This was all that was possible before the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs). Now, with the power of AI, we are able to actually understand the context of what a SQL statement is trying to do, similar to how a human would interpret that same statement. From there, we are able to correct the SQL query and make the improvements we are looking for. While SQL Explain and Explain Analyze will always be core to SQL performance auditing, there is now a new tool in the market to further help in the optimization process.

SQL Explainer in an Embedded Analytics Solutions

Understanding the anatomy of a SQL statement is important for iterating on SQL-based business processes. Explo offers a wonderful way for teams to document SQL and expose the underlying data in a consumer-friendly way via the Explo Report Builder product. With Explo Report Builder, SQL explanation is not necessary, as anyone can preview data, see human-written descriptions for each column, and sort and filter each column or row based on a simple drag-and-drop interface. By only requiring a few team members to understand the underlying SQL, Explo is able to ensure that the data is self-explanatory for end users, which is a monumental shift in the embedded analytics space. Reach out to the Explo team today to try out the Report Builder product for yourself!