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Customer-Facing Analytics that your customers and developers crave

Use Explo's developer tools, flexibility, and integrations needed to unlock streamlined data sharing with your clients - without the headaches of building and managing it yourself.

Why Explo?

Explo's embedded analytics platform offer a “cheat code” to accelerate deployment time and business value.
Explo can help you can unlock new opportunities to improve customer engagement and differentiate yourself from competitors.
Explo offers a SOC2 and HIPAA compliant platform that can help address data sharing risks.

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Connect your databases effortlessly

Connect directly to your existing databases and warehouses, without the need to replicate data or create new data models. Explo supports all relational databases and warehouses.

Flexible design with custom styles

Our style configurator gives you the flexibility to style your dashboard exactly like your application - from fonts, border styles, shadows, and more.

Different ways of sharing data

Dashboards can be embedded directly into any application, emailed to customers, shared via a link, or setup in a secure white-labeled web portal.

Powering innovative companies:

Why Explo?