Build dashboards with Google BigQuery

Explo makes it easy to build customer-facing dashboards on top of your BigQuery warehouse.

Connect directly to your existing databases and warehouses, without the need to replicate data or create new data models.

Simply copy a few lines of code and utilize our API to embed our interactive dashboards and reports. Explo handles the dashboard functionality, permissions, and end user customization.


"I'm amazed by how quickly we were able to go from raw data to something I'd be more than happy to show a client. Explo solves a very common pain point 10X better than the competition and delivers value almost instantaneously."


Quickly create any dashboard

Transform and manipulate data

Efficiently query, join, and filter your data to prepare it for visualizing.

Extensive visualizations library

We support dozens of different types of charts. If you don't see it, we'll build it for you.

Create dropdowns and filters

Our drag and drop UI builder allows you to create complex interfaces in minutes

Seamlessly white-labelled

Easily match any dashboard to the styling of your product’s UI.
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