Sisense vs. Explo: Embedded Analytics

Sisense vs. Explo: Embedded Analytics


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As the need for seamless analytics experiences within platforms and applications grows, companies are looking towards solutions offering efficacy, affordability, simplicity, and branding flexibility. Sisense and Explo emerge as frontrunners in this domain, each vying to meet the diverse needs of software companies.

What Is Sisense?

Sisense is a business intelligence platform designed to empower organizations with actionable insights from their data. Known for its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, Sisense caters to a wide array of industries. With its emphasis on accessibility, Sisense has become a go-to solution.

Sisense also offers Fusion Embed, enabling customers to share the dashboards they created with external parties and users by embedding directly into their application. 

Sisense Key Features:

  1. High Performance: Sisense boasts a high-speed data cache layer and can pull in data from a variety of sources.
  2. Drag-and-Drop Interface: One of Sisense's features is its drag-and-drop interface, enabling users to create custom dashboards once the data model is set up.
  3. Embeddable Analytics: Sisense provides a drag and drop interface as well as an SDK for embedded analytics.
  4. Scalability: As businesses grow and evolve, Sisense scales effortlessly to accommodate increasing data volumes and user demands.

 Potential Drawbacks:

  1. Complex Implementation: Some users may find the initial setup and configuration of Sisense to be complex from the data pipeline and caching layer setup to the day to day building and maintenance of the dashboards.
  2. Cost Considerations: While Sisense offers a range of pricing options tailored to different organizational needs, some users may find the platform's pricing structure to be on the higher end. There’s no transparent pricing available and requires all custom quoting.
  3. Learning Curve: Although Sisense prioritizes ease of use, mastering the features and capabilities has a learning curve particularly for users who are not from a data background.
  4. Coding requirements: In order to fully customize the embedded analytics experience, Sisense offers their Compose SDK, although this still takes significant engineering resources to build and maintain, eliminating the benefit compared to building analytics in house. 

 What Is Explo?

Explo represents a cutting-edge embedded analytics platform tailored to meet the specific needs of software companies with impressive analytics capabilities. As a leader in the embedded analytics space, Explo distinguishes itself by prioritizing seamless integration, white-label functionality, and a focus on delivering value to end-users.

 Explo Key Features:

  1. Embedded Analytics Focus: Explo is built for embedded analytics, catering to software companies looking to integrate features into their applications. It provides end-users with a cohesive analytics experience by events and links to connect Explo to your application, and is also responsive depending on where the user is viewing the interface.
  2. White-Label Functionality: A top feature of Explo is its white-label functionality, allowing organizations to customize the analytics interface. This ensures a consistent user experience without any coding required. Set up multiple style profiles to transition the UX from light mode to dark mode, or have customer specific styling.
  3. Plug and play: Explo connects to any existing SQL database and works with any multi-tenant or single-tenant data model. There’s no need to recreate your data model specifically for Explo, leading to quick implementation.
  4. Scalability and Flexibility: Explo's architecture is designed for scalability and flexibility, enabling organizations to adapt and grow. Connect to the Explo API to sync up your customers, and Explo easily scales from tens to thousands of viewers.

 Embedded Analytics Software Comparison: Sisense vs. Explo

Choosing between Sisense and Explo for embedded analytics is crucial for software companies. G2, a trusted software comparison platform, has conducted a detailed comparison between the two. Check out their findings to make an informed decision.

Comparing Sisense vs Explo: Cost-Effectiveness

 Explo Pricing:

  •  Launch: Free for internal BI with unlimited users
  •  Growth: $695+ per month
  • Pro: $1,995+ per month
  • Enterprise: Varies

 Sisense Embedded Pricing:

Sisense offers an annual subscription plan but does not provide pricing information on its website. Potential users must contact Sisense’s Sales team to receive a quote.

Explo's transparent pricing tiers offer flexibility and scalability, catering to a range of budgets and needs. In contrast, Sisense's approach requires engaging with its sales team, potentially leading to an opaque pricing structure.

Comparing Sisense vs Explo: Implementation

Implementing embedded analytics solutions can vary significantly between providers, affecting both time to deployment and user experience.

User-Friendly Integration

Sisense typically requires data syncing to their datastore, leading to a longer implementation period and additional data modeling to fit Sisense’s requirements. In contrast, Explo offers flexibility by working on top of existing data models and databases.

 Quality of Support

Sisense offers support options, but access to comprehensive support services is limited. Explo provides inclusive support across all plans, ensuring users receive assistance throughout the implementation journey, including dedicated support channels and account manager for each account.

 Speed to Implement

Both Sisense and Explo aim for efficient implementation. However, Explo's compatibility with existing data infrastructure often leads to quicker deployment compared to Sisense.

 Considering these factors, Explo emerges as a compelling choice for organizations seeking a seamless and expedited implementation process for their embedded analytics solutions.

Comparing Sisense vs Explo: Data Visualization Capabilities

Both Sisense and Explo excel in providing tools for creating dashboards and visualizing data. Sisense offers drag-and-drop dashboard creation capabilities and customizable widgets. Explo provides a streamlined dashboard creation process with pre-built templates and flexible layout options.

In terms of graphs and charts, Sisense and Explo both offer standard charts, graphs, and maps, as well as the ability to create custom components. Overall, both platforms offer powerful data visualization capabilities to meet the needs of users.

Report Generation

Sisense and Explo offer robust capabilities for report generation, including self-serve reporting, AI-driven insights, and seamless sharing/emailing of reports. While specific features may vary between the two platforms, both prioritize empowering users with efficient and intuitive tools for generating actionable insights.

Self-Serve Reporting

Both Sisense and Explo empower users with self-serve reporting capabilities, allowing them to generate reports independently. 

Sisense allows their standard BI interface to be embedded, which, while powerful, can be daunting for non-data users. Explo has a purpose built Report Builder that is designed specifically for non-technical users to be able to analyze data similar to excel. 

Generative AI for Report Creation

 While Sisense and Explo may differ in their approach to generative AI for report creation, both platforms leverage advanced technologies to automate and streamline report generation. 

Sisense offers an embedded chatbot that allows for ad hoc, conversational AI to glean insights from your data. Explo’s AI offering is embedded into both the user and end-users experience so that they can ask questions and create reports through natural language.

 Sharing / Email Reports

 Sisense and Explo both facilitate the sharing of reports. Users can effortlessly share reports with colleagues or clients, ensuring timely access to critical insights. Both platforms offer customizable sharing options and scheduling features. 

Seamless Embedding

 Both Sisense and Explo prioritize seamless embedding, allowing organizations to integrate analytics capabilities while maintaining a cohesive user experience consistent with their branding. 


Sisense and Explo offer white-labeling options, enabling organizations to customize the analytics interface to match their branding seamlessly. 

Explo goes provides much more flexibility without any engineering resources as well as the ability to create multiple style themes.

Why Companies Choose Explo Over Sisense

Let's examine this case study: Together Software, a leading SaaS mentorship platform, faced a challenge: providing customers with user-friendly in-app reports without draining resources. After evaluating options, they chose Explo over the competition.


With over 150 companies relying on their mentoring platform, Together needed to offer strong reporting capabilities to HR users. Building an in-house solution was costly and time-consuming while existing options were too complex or expensive.


Together selected Explo for its ease of setup, pricing, and core functionality. Explo empowered customers to customize dashboards without coding. Together's first Explo dashboard was up in just one day, providing real-time insights into program engagement, sessions, and more.

 Together's success with Explo highlights its appeal over Sisense and others for companies seeking quick, cost-effective, and user-friendly embedded analytics.

  • Together wanted to give customers access to user-friendly reports in-app, while not having to spend significant engineering time
  • Together chose Explo due to Explo’s ease of use and primary focus on embedded analytics
  • Together is realizing over $65k annually in cost savings with Explo

Get Started with Explo for Embedded Analytics

 Explo emerges as the solution of choice, offering intuitive features, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration. Explo showcases its ability to empower organizations with actionable insights, without the need for extensive resources.

Ready to revolutionize your analytics approach? Request a trial now and experience the power of Explo firsthand. Take a quick tour to explore our features and easily unlock your data's full potential.

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