Explo Ranked “High Performer” Among the Top Embedded BI Platforms in G2’s Winter Report

Explo Ranked “High Performer” Among the Top Embedded BI Platforms in G2’s Winter Report


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In the G2 review profile of Explo’s Embedded Analytics platform, customers reviewed Explo based on what they liked best about the solution, functionality, benefits, and problems the product helps them solve. Explo was acknowledged by customers as a highly efficient embedded analytics solution due to its fast deployment and flexible feature set for securely sharing data with customers, earning badges for High Performer (across all categories), High Performer for small businesses and Users Loves Us.

The High Performer badge is awarded to organizations with the highest customer satisfaction scores in their respective categories. “Explo is honored that our continual focus on customer satisfaction is being recognized by our users and by G2”, said Gary Lin, co-founder of Explo. 

To help deliver a customer-facing analytics experience for SaaS platforms, Explo provides out-of-the-box functionality for accessing, visualizing, and sharing data. With product and engineering teams often overloaded today with a nearly insurmountable number of feature requests, Explo provides everything needed to seamlessly integrate data and create a dashboard in one day.

According to one five-star G2 review by a CTO of a software company:

“Explo helps SaaS companies build customer-facing analytics dashboards in a very low-code manner so precious engineering hours can be saved. The maintenance of these dashboards is also very low-effort for us.”

In another five-star review by a CTO at a SaaS company, the user stated:

“Explo saved us a lot of time. We built an analytics solution for our SaaS customers in only one week. They did an excellent onboarding and gave us some good ideas about data visualization. Once in production, we had a couple of questions and small issues, and the support team helped us quickly.”

Together used Explo to provide self-service analytics to their customers while saving $65k annually. This case study explores why Explo was chosen over GoodData and Tableau.

To view more Explo G2 reviews, visit here

Try seeing what Explo can do for your SaaS offering. With a 7-day free trial, engineers, analysts, and developers can experience the benefits of Explo’s top-rated embedded analytics platform.

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