Explo Releases the Future of Reporting with its Report Builder 2.0

Explo Releases the Future of Reporting with its Report Builder 2.0


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NEW YORK, September 26, 2023 --  Explo, a leading customer-facing analytics solution for sharing data across any SaaS platform, today announced the launch of its Report Builder 2.0. Explo’s Report Builder software solution is now empowered with Generative AI to revolutionize the way SaaS companies create, manage, and deliver reports to their end-customers. 

With Explo already being the customer-facing analytics service behind some of the leading brands in the SaaS space, the addition of Explo Report Builder and Generative AI further demonstrates Explo’s commitment to abstracting the complexities associated with creating and sharing data reports with customer end-users. Here are several key capabilities that make it easier for SaaS companies to access, create, and share data reports with Explo’s Report Builder:

  • Embed self-service reporting directly into your SaaS platform: Explo’s Report Builder embeds into your app or web portal and gives your end-users the ability to configure their reports by selecting columns, applying filters, aggregating data, and more.
  • Use AI and natural language to generate reports: Both technical and non-technical users can save time creating reports and generate meaningful insights with simple natural language text-queries.
  • Use reports to create different data visualizations: End-users can take tabular reports and easily use it to create different visualization types.
  • Seamlessly set up your report’s permissioning, data, and styles: Pick tables, set filters, segment data, and style them for your end users.
  • Allow end-users to save reports to be used again later: Eliminate re-work and save one-off reports to be used again in the future.
  • Share and schedule recurring reports: End-users can export reports into CSVs, XLSs, or PDFs, and set up scheduled recurring exports.
  • Fully white-labeled and customizable: Style Explo’s Report Builder to match the look and feel of any other feature within your SaaS platform. 

In an era where SaaS companies survive by accelerating innovation time to market and creating exceptional end-user experiences, Explo’s Report Builder 2.0 is set to establish the easiest path to self-service reporting and sharing data with your customers.

"With the latest LLM advancements, Explo is spearheading a transformation in the SaaS industry's reporting landscape," said Gary Lin, co-founder of Explo. We enable SaaS companies to empower their end-users with the ability to craft their reports, harness the power of natural language for AI-driven insights, and access advanced customization options. In doing so, we are redefining self-service reporting, making it more accessible and user-centric than ever before." 

Explo works with some of the most innovative companies in FinTech, Marketing, Education, Healthcare, and the broader SaaS space. The company is also backed by Y Combinator and executives from Notion, Doordash, Flexport, dbt, Webflow, Mercury, Lyft, Deel, and more.

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Explo is the customer-facing analytics service behind some of the leading brands in the fintech, marketing, education, healthcare, and the broader SaaS space. We are on a mission to disrupt the data and analytics space by changing the way companies think about sharing data with their customers. To do this, Explo lets you easily connect directly to your database or warehouse, build custom-styled dashboards, and securely embed them into your web app within a day. Hundreds of applications are now using embedded dashboards by Explo. To learn more about Explo, please visit: www.explo.co

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