Explo named “High Performer” and "Easiest To Do Business With" in G2’s 2023 Fall Report

Explo named “High Performer” and "Easiest To Do Business With" in G2’s 2023 Fall Report


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By the numbers:

  • Explo had the highest satisfaction rating in the small business Embedded BI category; 99/100
  • 99% of users rated Explo’s Customer Support 5 stars
  • 98% of users rated Explo’s Ease of Use 5 starts
  • 98% of users found Explo to meet/exceed all of their requirements
  • Explo received 100% satisfaction scorings across its Dashboards, Big Data Services, and Data Visualization features
  • Explo averaged a 4.7/5 rating

G2 Fall 2023 Badges Earned:

  • High Performer across multiple categories: Embedded BI, Data Visualization, Analytics Platforms, and Small Business.
  • High Performer Americas (New Category): Embedded BI, Data Visualization, and Analytics Platforms
  • Easiest To Do Business With

Explo has earned recognition as a High Performer in G2's Fall report, boasting the highest levels of user satisfaction within its category. Impressively, Explo achieved a perfect 100% user satisfaction rating across its core feature sets.G2 used end-user reviews from Explo’s G2 profile, where customers shared their feedback on what they found most impressive about Explo, including its features, benefits, and its effectiveness in addressing their needs. 

Within the Embedded Business Intelligence category, Explo stood out with the highest satisfaction score, with a remarkable 100% of users giving a 4 or 5-star rating. Additionally, all users expressed confidence in the product's future direction, and a significant 97% of them indicated their likelihood to recommend Explo to others. Furthermore, Explo has been honored with its fourth consecutive Users Loves Us award, cementing status as a customer favorite.

"We are delighted to have earned our fourth consecutive High-Performer ranking in G2’s Fall report, and are particularly thrilled for achieving the highest satisfaction scores among end-users within our category," expressed Gary Lin, co-founder of Explo. "Our unwavering dedication lies in empowering our customers to harness and share data during this transformative era of data and AI."

Explo offers comprehensive solutions equipped with ready-to-use features for embedded analytics, dashboard visualization, and generative AI self-service reporting. Recognizing the ever-mounting demands on product and engineering teams, Explo delivers a complete solution that seamlessly integrates, customizes, and facilitates the sharing of customer-facing analytics within any SaaS platform.

A CEO/founder of a software company commented on Explo’s ability to quickly add new analytics capabilities in their SaaS platform.“Explo let us get up and running with high-quality dashboards for our customers, much faster than we could have ourselves. When we want to add new analytics view or tweak how a particular dashboard is presented, it takes us just a few minutes and often no code using Explo.” Read the entire G2 review here.

In another G2 review by a co-founder of a SaaS company, this user commented on Explo’s time to value: “Time to value is incredibly low with Explo. It takes hours to create extensive analytics dashboards that customers love, instead of weeks of in-house development. It also takes minutes to later fix or modify the dashboards.”

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