Enhancing SaaS End-User Experience: AI for Data Reporting

Enhancing SaaS End-User Experience: AI for Data Reporting


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In the competitive world of SaaS platforms, those that achieve optimal outcomes and improve the end-user experience will stand out. The capacity to deliver insightful, user-friendly reports directly correlates with enhanced user satisfaction and loyalty. However, the path to achieving that presents many challenges:

  • Complex Data Sets: Users often encounter data that is vast and complex, making it challenging to extract relevant information.
  • Varied User Proficiency: SaaS platforms cater to a diverse user base with varying degrees of technical know-how, necessitating the need for a universally accessible reporting tool.
  • Integration and Customization Hurdles: Integrating reporting tools into existing systems and customizing them to meet specific user needs can be resource-intensive.
  • Cognitive Overload: Users are frequently overwhelmed by the volume of data and metrics, leading to decision paralysis.

These challenges create a gap in understanding, leaving users unsure about what to ask for and leading to the underutilization of available data. Solving this problem requires a reporting solution that not only simplifies the data analysis but guides users in understanding the full potential of their data.

What is an Embedded AI Analytics?

Embedded AI Analytics refers to embedded analytics solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with your SaaS platform, enabling the data report generation for your end-users. Its primary features and capabilities include:

  1. Seamless Product Integration: Report builders embed directly into SaaS applications, allowing your end-users to build and customize reports as if they were native features of your application.
  2. Natural Language Processing: When equipped with natural language processing (NLP), this tool enables users of any technical proficiency, to generate data reports through simple text prompts, democratizing access to complex data insights.
  3. Direct Database Connectivity: As an embedded solution, it connects directly to a wide range of relational databases and data warehouses, streamlining the data reporting process without the need for data replication or new data models.
  4. White-lable Design Styles: An embedded AI Report Builder should look and feel like any other feature within your platform. With custom styling, font matching, and design elements; your users will have no idea they are using an embedded solution.

Use Cases: Personalized Reporting for Any End-User

Embedded AI solutions excel at tailoring reports to individual user preferences. By analyzing user interactions and past report queries, these tools can personalize data presentation, focusing on the metrics and KPIs most relevant to each user.

The integration of NLP technologies means that technical proficiency requirements are minimal. Your end users can simply request data analyses using conversational language, making advanced reporting accessible to all skill levels.

Examples of Personalized Benefits:

  • Sales professionals can receive custom reports on client engagement and sales performance, focusing on specific product lines or customer segments.
  • Marketing teams can get tailored insights on campaign effectiveness, audience engagement, and ROI for various marketing channels simply by requesting those key metrics.
  • Operational managers can conduct detailed analyses of supply chain efficiencies, inventory management, and logistics optimization, tailored to specific operational needs, by quickly querying data spanning months or years.

These are just a sampling of the many use cases that AI Report Builders can enable for the unique requirements of different users within a SaaS platform, enhancing the decision-making process and operational efficiency.


Incorporating AI Analytics into SaaS platforms necessitates a focus on data quality and infrastructure, as the tool's effectiveness hinges on accurate and well-structured data in the backend. The choice between custom developments and third-party solutions is a balance between cost-effectiveness, and tailored functionality. Third party solutions often enable more advanced functionalities that would otherwise be unachievable to build in house.

User accessibility is vital, mandating clear training and documentation for users of varying technical skills. Equally important is the seamless integration of these tools into existing systems, complementing rather than disrupting user experience. Lastly, scalability and strict adherence to data privacy regulations are critical for future growth and compliance. The multitude of considerations that go into custom development often warrant utilizing a third-party solution, like Explo.

Introduction to Explo’s AI Report Builder 

Explo’s AI Report Builder goes beyond traditional embedded analytics by enabling users to create visual and tabular reports with simple prompts. Its intuitive interface allows for simple language queries, templates, and options to scale reports to various use cases. Additionally, Explo lets users select from multiple visualization types to properly display and share their data reports.

Explo Report Builder is designed to save both end-users and product teams significant time. For end-users, the integration of natural language queries simplifies report generation, allowing for quick and easy data analysis without requiring deep technical knowledge. Product teams benefit from Explo's embeddable solution, which offers a faster deployment time compared to building a reporting tool from scratch.

The process of adding Explo’s functionality is simple. Users connect Explo directly to a data warehouse, style reports to match the application's design, and then use natural language to create and customize reports. These reports can then be exported or transformed into dynamic dashboards and visualizations, streamlining the entire data reporting process.

Next Steps

The integration of AI analytics solutions like Explo represent a significant step towards fully democratizing access to high-quality data insights on all SaaS platforms. It addresses the core challenges of data comprehension and personalized reporting by offering an intuitive solution that caters to the varied needs of end-users. For SaaS providers aiming to deliver superior client experiences through advanced data reporting, exploring solutions like Explo’s AI-powered Report Builder is necessary.

Discover how Explo’s AI-powered Report Builder can transform your SaaS platform’s reporting experience. Learn more and elevate your end-user experience today.

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