The Importance of Customer-Facing Analytics for SaaS Apps

The Importance of Customer-Facing Analytics for SaaS Apps


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72% of SaaS app users value built-in analytics.

Why? These tools make it easier to monitor, analyze, share, and act on data. And users who don't have to deal with overwhelming amounts of data are happier and more likely to stick around.

So, your SaaS apps need to make technical reports and dashboards accessible and easy to understand — especially for users who aren't analytically minded.

How do you do this? Implement customer-facing analytics.

Let's dive deeper into the benefits of customer-facing analytics for SaaS applications and talk about how you can get started.

Why Should You Implement Customer-Facing Analytics into SaaS Applications?

Customer-Facing Analytics Improves CX

Disorganized data overwhelms customers. It makes it harder to find and interpret necessary data.

Adding analytics to user applications enhances CX. Here's why:

  • Dashboards and data charts are easy to read
  • When customers fully understand their data reports, they can make better financial, marketing, and business decisions
  • Data filtering makes data more manageable
  • Users can display as much or as little data as they want and choose to see only the info that's most relevant to them
  • Analytics helps you learn more about your consumers
  • You can take what you know and adjust your apps to meet customer needs

Together, positive CX and company awareness increase client loyalty and lower customer churn. Users who feel self-sufficient and cared for are more likely to stick around.

Customer-Facing Analytics Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Tools like project management software or HR solutions are usually only used internally.

The problem? Internal data isn't immediately visible or accessible to most users. And users need access to this data to stay engaged.

Not all SaaS apps succeed in keeping users interested and giving customers what they want.

But you're different. You prioritize user needs.

By letting users access data directly — instead of making them export info to another tool — you show them that your product is the best choice for their data requirements. You give them the power to analyze data independently and make their own decisions.

This is your competitive advantage.  

Customer-Facing Analytics Helps You Gain and Retain Customers

No one wants to deal with too much data. It's overwhelming and time-consuming to analyze.

Implementing customer-facing analytics gives your users what they actually want:

  • Real-time access to data
  • Easy-to-read charts and dashboards
  • Built-in data-filtering tools that let users select only the most relevant information
  • Good customer service

All this increases user engagement — which ultimately gives you more information (i.e., incredibly in-depth knowledge of your user profiles).

Access to customer data helps you do the following:

  • Provide strong customer service — even while scaling your business
  • Understand customer goals and concerns — and shape your products according to their needs
  • Personalize your onboarding process — show your care and alleviate customer problems faster than their current provider
  • Upsell your products — offer add-ons (e.g., providing users access to more data when they pay a higher subscription fee)

You gain customers this way — and not just for one-time sales. These customers are loyal. They'll remember companies who treat them right. They'll want to use your app again and share it with anyone they know.

Level up Your SaaS Apps with Customer-Facing Analytics

Customer-facing analytics solutions are a great way to improve user experiences and boost customer retention:

  • They're easy to navigate
  • They make data-sharing simple
  • They address integration, visualization, and access management issues
  • They open endless doors for revenue and growth

Implementing customer-facing analytics on your own can take a lot of time and resources.

Luckily, using a modern dashboard solution like Explo can help. We build customer-facing analytics tools into your SaaS applications, so you don't have to. Want to learn more? Book a demo today!

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